Final verdict in JYJ vs SM case Delayed until Aug 10 2012

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Word out of Korea is the final hearing/announcement  of the verdict which was supposed to happen on July 19 2012 has been delayed.

According to translated reports, the reason for the delay is because SM requested a mediation/arbitration meeting.  Some say this is another SM delay tactic, while others think SM is seeking a private solution to prevent having a public court judgment entered against it. Read more

CJeS President makes public declaration, says JYJ is being hindered endlessly


JYJ is being “hindered endlessly in ways that must be justified by the law and common knowledge”, says the President of JYJ’s CJeS Entertainment (dkpop trans)

President Baek Chang Joo made a public statement about the way in which JYJ is being treated by some of the big players in the Korean entertainment industry.

President Baek says that CJeS will continue to help JYJ push forward to achieve their goals even if that means the filing of a lawsuit. 

According to translated reports:

“C-JeS Entertainment will thereby put all effort into helping JYJ to move forward without hesitant pauses amidst interventions. This is the reason for the filing of lawsuit.” (dkpop trans)

President Baek also confirmed they already filed a complaint with the Korean Fair Trade Commission and plan to “take legal action for disrupting JYJ’s individual activities.”  CJeS also plans to bring up these latest backhanded slaps at JYJ to the Court in the current lawsuit against SM Entertainment (SM).

He said:

“…Also, as proven by the recent court decision that JYJ’s contract with their previous agency was unfair, we will put together all the recent controversies, including the current one, as evidence for future lawsuits.” (soompi)

He also reiterated previous Court rulings in JYJ’s favor about the issue of the contract dispute between JYJ and their former agency, SM:

“It has been confirmed by the court that there has been inequity in the contract made between JYJ and previous agency. Using this reason as the base, we will do all we can into filing this lawsuit.

However, I think that even if we succeed in filing lawsuit this time, there will still be hindrances blocking our way, but JYJ plans to march forward and spread their music to people all over the world and hope to touch their hearts with their music.”

If you remember, the Court not only talked about the unfair contract, it specifically ruled that SM will have to pay compensation to JYJ for each time they (SM) interfere with any of JYJ’s activities.

He also apologized to the fans who may be feeling disappointed in the wake of JYJ being dropped from the New 7 Wonders (N7W) KBS-controlled concert.

According to reports, the local government of Jeju has already issued a statement saying they played no part in yanking JYJ from the concert, and issued an apology for the whole JYJ/KBS controversy.

One thing has been settled, though.  JYJ does plan to continue to promote Jeju Island for inclusion on the New 7 Wonders of the world list, and are still the honorary ambassadors for the project according to reports.



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(Translated by Sarah @ KOREA.COM)

Korean Senator Condemns KBS and Asks for Apology for Blocking JYJ


Senator Kim Jae Yoon has publicly condemned KBS for their decision to cancel JYJ’s appearance at a concert promoting Korea’s Jeju Island for inclusion on the New 7 Wonders list.

Senator Kim is from the Jeju Island parliament and slammed KBS for being “international embarrassment” to the government, according to translated reports.

Senator Kim stated:

“The media has raised speculation of external pressures. The situation became more controversial as groups from JYJ’s former entertainment company, whom JYJ are on trial with, replaced JYJ.”

In addition, the Senator criticized KBS for not having a “clear criteria” for their broadcasts.  He also raised questions about why JYJ were replaced by current artists from SM Entertainment.  

He stated:

“KBS formally announced that the reason is because of popularity but they deserve criticism for not having `clear criteria` for their broadcasts and going against the promise they made to citizens”

Senator Kim wants KBS to reveal the real reason why JYJ was blocked, and wants KBS to apologize for causing international embarrassment:

“KBS must apologize to citizens, domestic fans and international fans for forsaking their promise and causing international embarrassment. Now reveal and clearly explain the reason for canceling JYJ.”

The more this goes on, the more it looks like the government of Jeju Island really may not have had much to do with the cancellation.

The special government of Jeju issued an apology about the whole JYJ/KBS situation on July 20.  The statement claimed the Jeju government had no part in the decision to cancel JYJ’s appearance.

With the Jeju govt apparently putting the blame on KBS for making the unilateral decision, and Senator Kim speaking out about it, the local government may be trying to mitigate angry fans from taking their displeasure out on Jeju Island.

According to the report, Jeju’s government said:

“The provincial government is sorry about the cancellation of JYJ’s appearance in the KBS concert `Go, N7W! Here is Jeju` at Seongsan Sunrise Peak on July 20.  When we hold a big event in future, we will positively support JYJ’s appearance, an honorary ambassador which has been playing a major role in the [N7W] campaign.”

Meanwhile, in the aftermath a group of fans from all over the world issued an official statement condemning KBS’s “deplorable” decision and accused the broadcaster or breaking the public trust.  

The statement was backed by fans from the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Finland, Spain, the U.S., Mexico, and other countries.

The fans slammed the Korean entertainment industry in their statement:

“However, the greatest damage perpetrated by KBS has been on the international image of Korea and against the people of Jeju Island.

Due to the failure of the relevant South Korean authorities to reform the status quo of the Korean pop cultural contents industry, Korean and international citizens alike are witnessing an intolerable scenario: the betrayal on the part of a nationally-owned media institution against its own people, nation and public for the sake of corrupt, private interests…”




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Prain Director Radio 21 Interview Abt. JYJ / KBS Controversy


KBS made assurances to JYJ that they would not cancel the scheduled New 7 Wonders concert appearance on July 20th.  That’s what Prain Director Lee Jae Eun revealed in an interview with Radio 21 about the whole KBS/Jeju/N7W controversy that’s still churning among JYJ fans from around the world.  

Prain is the company which handles JYJ’s communication with the media.

Because JYJ has had to deal with so many cancellations due to powerful external pressures, they didn’t accept the job unless KBS made assurances that the broadcast company wouldn’t up and cancel.

According to Director Lee’s translated interview:

“When we received an offer to appear [on the program], I specifically told KBS Jeju that `because there are times when [the network] is pressured externally [to cancel on the artist], in order to protect the artist, I will not make a decision unless [JYJ’s] appearance on the program is a sure thing.` “

Director Lee revealed that KBS told them they (KBS) would not cancel and that the broadcast was `…a special program to promote Jeju, and since JYJ is its honorary ambassador, why would we have problems?`

Regardless of the assurances, KBS sent JYJ a one-sided cancellation notice just 4 days before the show “after we had already received cue sheets,” she said.

The Unexplained

Director Lee spoke about these “unexplainable incidents” that have occurred repeatedly and made reference to JYJ’s former management company SM (SM Entertainmentment).  

Most people are aware JYJ would be scheduled for an activity, and suddenly the broadcast company who initiated the work would suddenly back out at the last minute for some unsatisfactory or inexplicable reason.  One or two incidents and it would be no problem, but this has happened more than a few times.

She said:

Although the courts have made the decision that we should receive compensation when the ex-management company unfairly interferes with [JYJ’s activities], unexplainable incidents continue to occur over and over again.

JYJ’s representatives have already reported KBS’s actions to the Korean Fair Trade Commission (FTC) and received an official document registering the report.

She was told by the investigator in charge of handling their complaint that they submitted “more than enough proof” on this latest affront.

Not only that, apparently CJeS has been documenting everything and submitting the information to independent 3rd parties, like the FTC, to get it on record as evidence for the main lawsuit against SM.  

She said:

“Every time such unjust situations occur, no matter how small or how big, C-JeS entertainment has filed complaints and lawsuits. All will become evidence in the original lawsuit. On this matter, we have taken all action that we could, and from now on we will concentrate our efforts in quickening the ruling in the original lawsuit.”

That may mean every cancellation, every affront, every `misfire`, and every mysterious occurrence has been documented for presentation to the Court as further evidence of SM’s underhandedness.

The Court has already ruled in JYJ’s favor on a number of issues surrounding their main lawsuit against SM.  One such ruling is that SM will have to compensate JYJ for EACH time they interfere with the group not being able to carry out their entertainment activities.  

Things like intimidating producers to keep JYJ off the air would certainly fall under that category, as well as promising to provide 2 of your SM artists in exchange for canceling JYJ’s appearance.  Hint. Hint.

Let no grass grow under your feet

Director Lee didn’t only talk about the KBS controversy, she also expressed the thoughts of the members towards their fans.  They must feel terrible that their fans have to watch them go through a cruel upset, one after another.

She said the members are “more brave than anyone else”:

 “The members are more brave than anyone else. They are making good progress in their planned path. However, they are very worried about their fans, who are forced to go through such injustices because they are JYJ fans. They are trying to stay resolute for their fans.”
    The feelings JYJ have for their fans are special. Furthermore, they have great pride for their fans. When I see them use the phrase, `well, our fans are…` after each sentence, I get the thought that they’ve become firmer and closer together by experiencing difficult situations.
    I am so thankful that there are fans who love JYJ’s music and their dream, and I hope you don’t become too upset because of this recent matter.

She also revealed plans for another future tour and said that JYJ have been getting numerous requests in their home country of Korea, as well as from other places in North America and Europe.  She said, “because [JYJ] is such a worldwide group, the scale is enormous.”

Could this include a new album?  Yes, according to the report.  They are looking towards “the entire second half of the year to plan [their new schedules],” she said.

I see you

This most recent effrontery on KBS’s part is so public and involves so many people not directly related to just the entertainment portion of Korean society, that it has focused major attention on JYJ’s plight.

Director Lee said:

“…the general public including the people on Jeju Island gave us their support. In fact, there’s a side of thankfulness because this incident helped spread the news that JYJ is fighting against injustice. “    

An issue that wasn’t supposed to involve anything other than JYJ carrying out their duties as honorary ambassadors was tampered with.  Its big because it involves an entire nation’s goal of getting one of their places designated as one of the new 7 wonder of the world.

In the aftermath of KBS’s unilateral decision to cut JYJ and replace them with 2 artists from SM, people from all over the world have come down on them. 

Some fans in other countries have openly stated they now look down on the way things are run in Korea.  

KBS didn’t just make themselves look bad.  Indeed, they probably could take continued hits to their reputation if they just didn’t care about such things.  However, this has caused embarrassment for an entire industry… maybe an entire nation to those outside of South Korea.

Are the consequences just beginning to surface?  We will see.


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