Best Friends

TVXQ get back together, and Changmin is left to struggle with his feelings. This story was written for my dear friend Mari-chan, whom I love to pieces and who inspires me to write many of my DBSK stories.  She asked me to write her a Jaemin story to the song Best Friend by Nishino Kana, […]

Sugary Kisses

It was Changmin’s 20th birthday. Today was the day that he had finally hit the second digits. When he arose that day, he didn’t feel very much changed. More or less he felt a string of overwhelming emotions and thoughts slam into him at once.


What is love without pain? So what if Jae fathered a pair of cute twins? There was no ring on his finger! So what if we had broken up 5 years ago? Should the tears stopped too? A journey of how Max Changmin found love again with Jae in addition to the pair of twins! […]