Possible JYJ Fanmeetings in Malaysia and Thailand? Wait a Minute…

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Twitter is abuzz with excited people talking about the prospect of a JYJ (Jejung, Yuchun, Junsu) fanmeeting in Malaysia and Thailand.

According to translated reports, Redstar Presents — a KPop even organizer in Malaysia — is saying that the trio will be coming to Malaysia for their “fan meeting tour” on October 16.  The scheduled venue is supposedly the Mid Valley Convention Center from 7pm to 9:30pm. 

There is also rumor about another fanmeeting Oct 15 at the Nimibutr Gymnasium National Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

As far as I can find, there hasn’t been a direct statement from the guys’ representatives directly releasing details about this.  If official information directly from the guys has be released but I just haven’t found it yet, my apologies.

I would advise fans not to get overly excited about this until there is concrete, absolute confirmation.  We all know that this is a stressful time for them. AVEX is now accused of trying to coerce the three into signing an unfair contract by holding the past actions of the head of C-JeS over their heads (C-JeS is another agency the trio signed with in the midst of their battle with SM).

According to an official press release,  AVEX ultimately forced the trio to stop all Japanese activities (like SM in Korea) because the trio didn’t give in to AVEX’s coercion.  What’s worse is that they used a lame-a$$ excuse — the past actions of a C-JeS representative — as the reason for killing their activities in Japan.  AVEX already knew about CJeS even before they signed the three members to an exclusive contract directly with the company. (Read my blog post about it)

So let’s all be hopeful but cautious about this news.

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Changmin UFO Replies June 24 2009

dongbanger.com Changmin
Fan: Oppa… where is this heart going to be placed~I want oppa’s heart… T_T don’t drink alcohol anymore!!
Choikang Changmin: Yes, although I can’t agree to it, but thank you, thank you very much.

(The following 2 messages are from the same fan.)
Fan: Oppa, Changmin oppa!! I’ll buy you a meal when we meet up later!! ^^~ I heard you’re meeting Yunho oppa later
Choikang Changmin: Its like that?~okay~
Fan: See you later! We’ll buy a meal later! Oppa can even go and watch a movie!
Choikang Changmin: Oh…I see…; ;

Fan: Changmin’s smelly feet, can you stand the smell when it diffuses?
Choikang Changmin: Please wake up/be more conscious…

Fan: This female student likes oppa(fan has a picture of herself there ^^) … Haha I don’t know who she is, its not me…
Choikang Changmin: ^ ^

Fan: (fan has picture of Changmin as her user pict…)This boyfriend… is good-looking right? Handsome right? I’ve got to find a husband according to this criteria.
Choikang Changmin: I hope its like that, hope you find happiness.

Fan: I’m making chocolate waffles now, do you want some?
Choikang Changmin: Make them nicer…

Fan: I love you! I love you! I love you! Really! You guys are the best!
Choikang Changmin: Thank you ^ ^

Fan: T T Studying in TOFEL is really hard… although its great… TT Its the sadness of being 17 TT… show whale-like strength!!!!!
Choikang Changmin: Please do your best!!

Fan: Please have a chat with me!
Choikang Changmin: There’s more for you to talk about with your parents .

Fan: Let’s meet now!
Choikang Changmin: ; ;

Credits: 坑魂人蔘@tieba.baidu
Translation by: Banana-chan@xietinloveshero.blogspot.com
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Junsu UFO replies June 9 2009

dongbanger.com junsu004
Fan: Anticipating today’s performance~
Junsu: Only anticipating today’s performance~ (*_*)

Fan: Aiya!! Don’t say Junsu-kun!! I got received Junsu-kun’s UFO!!
Junsu: Thank you~T_T~ help me beat up ChangMin this brat—- hahahaha

Fan: It’s said that Cassiopeia is Dong Bang, then Dong Bang is?
Junsu: Of course it’s Cassiopeia.. ^^

Fan: How to get such big thighs ahh T_T please tell me the secrets huhu
Junsu: So embarrassing:: T_T It’s thicker now compare to that time keke

Fan: Junsu oppa. . . Confirm will reply right?. .
Junsu: Though not looking forward to it but gave you this feeling of getting a reply kekeke^^

Fan: Compare to food I like TVXQ better
Junsu: Then starting now you can’t eat ^^

Fan: Our Junsu is too cute! Because of what you’re that cute ah?
Junsu: Because of you hehe^^

Fan: Yunho oppa and Junsu oppa, who is in charge of charisma~??? Eu kyang kyang
Junsu: I am the invisible inner charisma …………

Fan: I really miss JaeJoong ah T_T 555555 How to deal with missing him? Teach me please
Junsu: Go to NAVER and type YoungWoong JaeJoong…………… ^^

Fan: Oppa, after eating so many messages must be full right?!
Junsu: Happy till my stomach’s gonna explode soon^^

Please take out with full credits.
Credits : TVXQbaidu
translation: crazee@TVXQfever.blogspot.com

Changmin UFO Replies May 14 2009

[090514] Fan: Oppa it was been too long for me to receive replies. TT We didn’t chat for long TT KKK
[00:24] Changmin: Replied! Go to sleep~

[090514] Fan: Although oppa is so hard in concerts~ Please miss me more happy.gif Hwaiting!
[00:39] Changmin: Hwaiting!

[090514] Fan: I’ve shut down the PC twice~ You know what? Just don’t give me replies~ You really that like my msg??
[00:48] Changmin: ?

[090514] Fan: Excited excited excited, too excited. I’ve been attracted by SEOLREIM. Oppa plz lend me 2000 wons. Ho.
[00:50] Changmin: Go talk to the bank with those words~

[090514] Fan: This girl is really cool. I wanna become a person like BoA unnie. My cellphone ringtones are all BoA unnie’s songs!!!
[00:15] Changmin: Hwaiting!! Please send those what you just sent to the next door.
(T/N: The next door is BoA’s UFO place = =)

[090514] Fan: Oppa plz say “hawaiting” to me TT Too depressed recently…
[00:45] Changmin: Hawaiting!!

The Following 2 msgs are from the same person:

[090514] Fan: The wages will be paid really soon >_
[00:42] Changmin: Congratulate you^^

[090514] Fan: Then just get married with me? KKK
[00:44] Changmin: Don’t…

The Following 2 msgs are from the same person:

[090514] Fan: Oppa… You are so cute like this too…^^;;;
[00:35] Changmin: I don’t like it
(T/N: This fan’s displayed pic is which Changmin opened his mouth so wide in “Happy Together”.)

[090514] Fan: Oppa… You so handsome!!!!!!!!
[00:41] Changmin: Thank u~

The Following 2 msgs are from the same person:

[090514] Fan: Just eat the delicious food more; must pay attend to (ur) body~ ♫ Plz think of that many ppl are listening to ur songs today too. Hawaiting (^^)
[00:29] Changmin: Hawaiting!!

[090514] Fan: I have trying to imitate Changmin-ssi’s voice recently~ ♥ Perhaps this voice is the easiest to imitate in the world!
[00:49] Changmin: Do u know me??!!H

[090514] Fan: How are u all?
[00:46] Changmin: o

The Following 2 msgs are from the same person:

[090514] Fan: G R G D S Z Oppa oppa, did u see my msg?
[00:42] Changmin: ??

[090514] Fan: Oppa I dun wanna go to school tomorrow.. Come and play with me ♥♥♥
[00:44] Changmin: Be good and go to school.

Changmin UFO Replies

Changmin UFO Replies (March 24 – May 5 2009)
: Tour is about the start 🙂 Our members…must finish it healthy as ever! Hwaiting! (>_<)

ChangMin : Thank you^^ Now go to sleep

Fan : Oppa!! Keke do you still remember this hat~~??
ChangMin : Ah! This hat!
*fan’s avatar is ChangMin wearing a pink hat

(all 3 replies below are from the same person)
Fan : Don’t you wanna marry me oppa? Keke Then sign the marriage certificate!
ChangMin: I want to do neither. hahaha

Fan: Introduce this person to me oppa keke
ChangMin: Go find him yourself.
*fan’s avatar is Min

Fan: Oppa behind you!
ChangMin : What

Fan : This is oppa when oppa was still young kekeke
ChangMin : I still am haha
*fan’s avatar is Min during HiYaYa days

Fan : This is my man. Isn’t he cute?^^ He’s so cute when he smiles
ChangMin : Really?^^;
*fan’s avatar is Min

Fan : Oppa! What does “MAX” mean?
ChangMin : What do you think it means?

Translated by choco@TVXQFever
Please take out with full credits.
Credits : ohmicky + tvxqfever.blogspot.com

March Changmin and Yunho UFO replies

Fan: Manly even when you’re joking, sexy and romantic Yunho~ my style ^-^
YH: I am my style too~ my style is just like me! Keke its the same no matter whether I’m driving or talking on the phone~

Fan: Manly even when you’re joking, sexy and romantic Yunho is ambitious U HUHU~
YH: Ke~!!! Saying I’m ambitious… U HU T

Fan: I… am going to China for my studies in the later half of this year, I can’t take it anymore… T_T T_T… the tears are flowing out soon…
YH: Don’t give up even when you’re there… hwaiting~!! That’s the way~!!

Fan: I want to spend time with you under the clear Korean sky ^–^ This is the thought that I want to send to you, do you know??
YH: Its been sent safely^–^ I’ve received it~!! KK

Fan: The thing that I never regretted in my life was becoming oppas’ fan ^^ I’ll always support you guys, love you guys
CM: Thank you ^^

Fan: Me! Me! (T/N: Fan is trying to imitate the group gag they did on Music Station, I think) Oppas all raised your hands like you wanted to say something ke. So cute.
CM: Hahaha ^^

Fan: T_T T_T I’m having night study now… there’s big trouble, nothing’s going into my brain T_T T_T oppa must be very good in studies right?
CM: ^^

Fan: My eyes and footsteps follow only them
CM: It’s like there’s a place they are headed…
[Fan has a picture of TVXQ as her display picture]

Fan: I’m heading off for the No-makeup Beauty Pageant… Praise me a little!!!
CM: You can do it! You can do it! (T/N: The second “you can do it” was written in English 8D)

Fan: Ah that Shim kid over there!! How about going for a glass of carrot juice with me? Kekekeke

Fan: Changmin-oppa is so annoying… surviving on in life is getting tiring for me, what should I do!! T_T T_T ke!
CM: Saying your life is becoming so-and-so because of me, they’re all excuses…Haha

Fan: I’m asking you, what should I do when I can’t seem to survive on anymore? Hurry up and give me a reply!!
CM: …… Don’t think so simply..

Fan: Ke… Refuse to answer me…? T_T T_T ke… so sad… T_T T_T
CM: YO I refuse to answer!! Haha

(Believe it or not, the previous 5 messages were sent by the same fan)

Fan: What’s SICK Chang’s secret to being SICK?
CM: Its that I am me…

Fan: Oppa, I am transparent right? Obviously I am… aren’t I? T_T T_T I am really going to cry T_T T_T ah~~~~~~ T_T
CM: You aren’t transparent~

(The next 3 are from the same fan ^^)

Fan: I’ll be really surprised if you don’t give me a reply, I’ll fly to Japan if you do reply. Give me a reply which I don’t want to see.
CM: Have you got a VISA? ^^

Fan: Actually, I’ve heard oppas’ songs and they’re really nice. Your CD will definitely sell well, I am going to buy it as soon as it comes out.
CM: ^^ Thank you very much ^^

Fan: Oppa, marry me. I will cook for you 16 times a day.
CM: I don’t eat that much~

Fan: I really, really like you. I also like the things that you do.
CM: ^^ I like myself too~

Fan: Oppa is probably the only one who will give me such sound advice, I really like oppa a lot. Go out with me!!
CM: Don’t want~

Fan: I won’t capture you for eating if you give me this hat as a present!
CM: I don’t have that~

Fan: I am going to swim to Japan keke wait there for me!!
CM: You’d be entering the country illegally…

Fan: I’m very perfect. Very perfect. (Fan has a picture of Changmin as her display picture)
CM: ^^

Fan: Look at this, look at my message now. You’re replying right?
CM: ;

Fan: There’s a face hidden deep in your heart~~eh? What is the next step? What are you going to do? >-<
CM: What do you want me to do?

(Seriously, the next ten messages are to the same fan. Luck girl.)

Fan: What are you doing now!! Are you busy?? ~~ Contact me quickly when you see this alright?? OK?? Miss you guys~ love you
CM: Thank you ^^
CM: And, you will need to do something to achieve your dream… there’ll only be answers like this.
(T/N: He replied twice coz the fan sent the same mesage twice -.-”)

Fan: Ah honestly does oppa know? Its a secret, I’m in the second year of high school kekeke
CM: Really? What a shocking secret ah~

Fan: But its really strange! I sent so many UFOs but other than Changmin and Yunho oppa.. What are the others doing? T_T
CM: Flew away on a UFO?> Haha

Fan: Why are you only reading my message? All these need money~ students are poor, oppa you know that right??
CM: ^^ The photo is very nice? ^^

Fan: Oppa, this is me, pretty right?
CM: Very pretty~ must be selling well right?

Fan: Tell me about some good Japanese words you’ve picked up recently
CM: Dong Cuisine

Fan: Why doesn’t Jaejoong oppa have hidden cameras?? Changmin oppa has done it twice already!! Why don’t you do it??
CM: Hahahahaha

Fan: I feel very blessed every day with you around. Even if you guys are in a faraway place, there’s one thing we know for sure: that we will always wait for you.
CM: Thank you ^^

Fan: I like Survivor a lot, I’m listening to it many times, really want to be able to buy it as soon as possible
CM: ^^ Thank you ^^

(Following same message from same fan was sent seven time, all of which CM replied to o.O)

Fan: I’m in my first year of High School now, its hard to get to sleep T_T Say something to all the high school students in the country to encourage us!! fighting!!!
CM: Ke… ^^ you must keep going^^ Actually, everything is filled with hope..
CM: Studying… to a student, actually only studying is required of a student.
CM: Studying and working hard now is for the sake of your future
CM: Generally speaking, time spent as a student is what makes the basis/foundation for life in future
CM: Work hard ah… ^^ If you have any dreams… studying or anything… work hard towards that direction…
CM: Think about it seriously… think hard and come to a conclusion
CM: Work hard for the sake of learning and for the sake of all other things.. ^^ A ZA!!

Credits: ohmicky.com
Translations by: Banana-chan@TVXQfever
Shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress
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