Possible JYJ Fanmeetings in Malaysia and Thailand? Wait a Minute…

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Twitter is abuzz with excited people talking about the prospect of a JYJ (Jejung, Yuchun, Junsu) fanmeeting in Malaysia and Thailand.

According to translated reports, Redstar Presents — a KPop even organizer in Malaysia — is saying that the trio will be coming to Malaysia for their “fan meeting tour” on October 16.  The scheduled venue is supposedly the Mid Valley Convention Center from 7pm to 9:30pm. 

There is also rumor about another fanmeeting Oct 15 at the Nimibutr Gymnasium National Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

As far as I can find, there hasn’t been a direct statement from the guys’ representatives directly releasing details about this.  If official information directly from the guys has be released but I just haven’t found it yet, my apologies.

Changmin UFO Replies June 24 2009

dongbanger.com Changmin
Fan: Oppa… where is this heart going to be placed~I want oppa’s heart… T_T don’t drink alcohol anymore!!
Choikang Changmin: Yes, although I can’t agree to it, but thank you, thank you very much.

(The following 2 messages are from the same fan.)
Fan: Oppa, Changmin oppa!! I’ll buy you a meal when we meet up later!! ^^~ I heard you’re meeting Yunho oppa later
Choikang Changmin: Its like that?~okay~
Fan: See you later! We’ll buy a meal later! Oppa can even go and watch a movie!
Choikang Changmin: Oh…I see…; ;

Changmin UFO Replies May 14 2009

[090514] Fan: Oppa it was been too long for me to receive replies. TT We didn’t chat for long TT KKK
[00:24] Changmin: Replied! Go to sleep~

[090514] Fan: Although oppa is so hard in concerts~ Please miss me more happy.gif Hwaiting!
[00:39] Changmin: Hwaiting!

[090514] Fan: I’ve shut down the PC twice~ You know what? Just don’t give me replies~ You really that like my msg??
[00:48] Changmin: ?

Changmin UFO Replies

Changmin UFO Replies (March 24 – May 5 2009)
: Tour is about the start 🙂 Our members…must finish it healthy as ever! Hwaiting! (>_<)

ChangMin : Thank you^^ Now go to sleep

Fan : Oppa!! Keke do you still remember this hat~~??
ChangMin : Ah! This hat!
*fan’s avatar is ChangMin wearing a pink hat