Fallen Leaves Lyrics/Vid

(contains Korean characters which your system may or may not be able to show) {youtube}qpJQ4z9jdh4{/youtube} 바람이 분다 the wind is blowing 노을이지고 a glowing of the sky 운명이 우릴 the fated 2 of us 멀게만 해도 even if it’s a distance away 시간 흐르고 the time passes 지나간 자리 길다 the spaces that passes by […]

A Song Without a Name PART 1 by Yoochun

A Song Without a Name PART 1

Have I ever told you this.

After a probation period of a few months in 2003, we, the team members, finished our first task with ease
In 2004, we were the employee of the month, with countless top results, but we couldn’t feel content with just that
We were unable to contain ourselves and we started wanting more.

2005, we embarked into the overseas market, we thought everything would go smoothly like it had in Korea.
On our first attempt, we had the worst results possible and that was when my confidence started to drop.

A language we couldn’t even speak
Every day we’d be at our lodgings or the office
An imprisonment that they claimed wasn’t an imprisonment, saying it was for our own good

An excessive amount of solitude, tears and rage
These were what made us one
Saying that we couldn’t part ways no matter what happened
Saying that we should always be together
Saying that we should resemble each other’s good points
We said these things in our hearts and kept running

One day, we finally reached that top position we had so earnestly wanted
We each took our phones and contacted our families and friends.

That day had finally arrived.
From then on, everything started to go so well.

Outstanding Demand for New JYJ Music, Record Breaking Pre-orders

Warner Music Korea is reporting outstanding pre-order sales of the new JYJ album, The Beginning. There were so many preorders that it caused a slight delay in the release of the album.

99,999 limited edition versions, 300,000 special edition versions and 220,000 regular edition versions of their album were pre-ordered by fans all over the world. That’s over 520,000 albums in pre-orders alone.

The general version of the album was released on the 13th with the special edition versions set to go out on Oct 18th.

According to translated reports, Warner Music said, “JYJ who has 520,000 copies just in pre-orders will give the boost that the sluggish music market needs.”

INTOXICATION by Junsu; Translate lyrics (What? Orgasm?! Waahhh Junsu!)

Intoxication  (Original Lyrics) (Trans) uhhh, oh, all right Baby, baby, come on come on, come on come on come on Shaking a little, flesh-on-flesh, oh baby My fingertips found, deep inside deep inside, deep inside crazy Touch you baby, over and over, squeeze you baby, let me feel your madness Stroke you like a arpeggio […]

With All My Heart (Kimiga odoru, natsu)

With All My Heart ~君が踊る、夏~
(Kimiga odoru, natsu )
(Contains Japanese Characters If you see a bunch of question marks, it means you don’t have your system set to recognize Japanese/Chinese characters)

Artist: 東方神起
Lyrics by: Shinjiroh Inoue
Composed: Shinjiroh Inoue

鏡に映った 掛け違えたシャツのボタン
Kagamini utsutta kakechigaeta shatsuno botan
Reflected on the mirror, the buttons of my shirts are in the wrong buttonholes