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JYJ Magazine Will Celebrate First 1000 Day as ‘JYJ’, Other Entertainers Should Take Notes

January 22, 2013 dongbanger.com 0

 jyj2045 dongbanger

After winning both of their cases against SM Entertainment (Korea) and avex Entertainment (Japan) respectively,  JYJ will release a magazine in February celebrating their first 1000 days since they stood up for fairness and became JYJ.

JYJ has had a hard road to create, but they continue to stand up like men and unashamedly cut their own path despite not having the backing of a big, totalitarian entertainment agency.

Over the course of their fight, they have been blocked in their own country by the Korean entertainment mill from appearing on television to promote any of their projects.  Not too many Korean entertainers which are still part of that system have publicly shown support for JYJ either.


Yoochun’s fanmeeting tour is a Reminder of JYJ’s International Appeal

September 9, 2012 dongbanger.com 0


Recently, Yoochun has attended fan events much to the delight of Chinese fans.  On Sep 8 2012, for exmaple, Yoochun was in Shenzhen as part of that fanmeeting tour.  But these meetings represent a deeper level of importance for JYJ.

Ironically, JYJ’s popularity has increased exponentially in international (non Korean) markets because SM Entertainment (SME) has seemingly used its influence to keep the group from promoting their latest dramas, music, or ventures in South Korea or Japan.


Arbitration fails; Court Decision expected Sept

August 10, 2012 dongbanger.com 0

9:00AM: AKP is reporting the following: Another meeting will take place “around Sept 13” between JYJ’s side and SM’s side. 

The arbitration meeting on Aug 10 was 1h30m long where both sides expressed their views.  JYJ’s lawyer reportedly told Star News that the difference in opinion between JYJ’s side and SM’s side is too large for them to come to a mutual agreement.

JYJ’s side wants to “settle all the accounts and issues in court”, while SM wants to ‘forget the past’.

JYJ’s attorney says the Court is the one pushing for a “voluntary agreement or mediation until a decision has been made”.