A Fine Line

Love, want and lust must stay behind closed doors. Excerpt: He turned the shower nobs. Drops of liquid falling like rain on him. His body stripped of clothing as he walked toward the empty shower. Thoughts crept into his weary mind all day, of the one he loved and the one he lusted for. Cursing […]

Bitterness in Sugar

Kim Jaejoong son of the Kim Coporation, the 2nd richest family in all of Korea. He has everything, money, fame, popularity. His life is as sweet as sugar. But hes missing one aspect in his life….love….he had fallen in love Jung Yunho. The Jung corporation the most richest family. A marriage is arrange between the […]

Crimson Heart

A human by the name of Kim Jaejoong is walking home one night, when he gets attacked by a vampire named Yunho. Feeling something for his prey, Yunho stops his assault and takes the human to safety. When Jaejoong wakes up, he’s scared of the demon in his room, but is soon shaking the man’s […]

Our Promise

JaeJoong & YunHo, high school best friends. Their promise – to stay best friends no matter what. It seemed easy until JaeJoong receives a scholarship to study in Japan. 4 years later – JaeJoong, together with girlfriend, Ianna, returns to Korea and reunites with YunHo.

Callous Heart

Autumndreamer is here again. Well, i know i didn’t tell anyone about this story being post up, and if you are my old reader and you found this story! GOOD JOB! To any new reader, i hope you will enjoy your reading on this one. This story will start in a little confusing manner, but […]