Jaejoong discharged from military duty today [UPDATE4]

According to reports, roughly 1000 fans are already awaiting Jaejoong Kim’s release after serving his mandatory military duty in South Korea.

Update: PHOTOS!


All healthy Korean men are required to enter the military before the age of 30 (Korean age) and complete roughly 2 years of duty.

Jaejoong’s discharge is today.  As of this writing, it’s about 8:45am KST.

The way Jaejoong chose to enlist afforded him the opportunity to be released a few months shy of 2 years.

When the announcement for Jaejoong’s military enlistment was made, the prospect of 2 years without seeing anything from the singer/songwriter was maddening for some fans.  However, drops of information — some from the relatives of fellow soldiers and people who got to attend military band performances — made its way throughout the world via social media.

Fans are braving the cold just to catch a few short minutes of Jaejoong walking out to to freedom (ha!) again.

I’ll post more when I find them.  Otherwise, stay tuned for photos and video from today.

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