Ferry Tragedy: Passengers couldn’t escape South Korean ferry, crew member says

Passengers aboard the doomed South Korean ferry couldn’t reach lifeboats to escape because the ship tilted so quickly that it left many of them unable to move, according to a radio transcript released Sunday. “Please notify the coast guard. Our ship is in danger. The ship is rolling right now,” a crew member on the […]

Block B Sues its Managment Agency over Shady Business Practices


Seven-member rookie hip-hop group Block B has filed a lawsuit against their talent agency for failure to pay the members in accordance with their contract. The suit, filed with the Seoul District Court, requests that their exclusive contract with Stardom Agency be nullified.

The lawsuit states that the group’s initial contract promised that on top of the agency providing training and facilities, the singers be paid on the 25th of every month. Block B claims that the members did not receive any such payments from their agency for about a year starting in April 2011.

Open World Entertainment CEO Arrested for Sexual Abuse

 OFF TOPIC NEWS: The CEO of Open World Entertainment, the agency that houses The BossX-5, and Jun Jin, has been revealed to be arrested on alleged charges of sexual harassment.

On April 10th, he was arrested by undercover investigators near Gangnam for allegedly sexually harassing, assaulting, and raping his agency’s artists and trainees. Reports to investigators were filed a month earlier and officials have been working on the case since then, interviewing over 20 victims and testifiers, gathering further evidence on the case.