CJeS President makes public declaration, says JYJ is being hindered endlessly

JYJ is being “hindered endlessly in ways that must be justified by the law and common knowledge”, says the President of JYJ’s CJeS Entertainment (dkpop trans)

President Baek Chang Joo made a public statement about the way in which JYJ is being treated by some of the big players in the Korean entertainment industry.

President Baek says that CJeS will continue to help JYJ push forward to achieve their goals even if that means the filing of a lawsuit. 

Prain Director Radio 21 Interview Abt. JYJ / KBS Controversy

KBS made assurances to JYJ that they would not cancel the scheduled New 7 Wonders concert appearance on July 20th.  That’s what Prain Director Lee Jae Eun revealed in an interview with Radio 21 about the whole KBS/Jeju/N7W controversy that’s still churning among JYJ fans from around the world.  

Prain is the company which handles JYJ’s communication with the media.

Because JYJ has had to deal with so many cancellations due to powerful external pressures, they didn’t accept the job unless KBS made assurances that the broadcast company wouldn’t up and cancel.