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JYJ Win Lawsuit over avex, Company Cannot Interfere with Japanese Activities

BREAKING — According to translated reports, CJeS has confirmed that a Court has ruled in JYJ’s favor and avex can no longer hinder JYJ from promoting their projects in Japan.

avex is the large entertainment company in Japan whose CEO acted like a damn fool after the two parties had a falling out over control of JYJ’s future in Japan.    

This avex battle stemmed from JYJ’s initial fight with their former management agency (SM Entertainment) after the trio spoke out and sued SM over a slew of bad business practices which included the infamous 13 year “slave” contracts, incredibly lopsided profit splits, and totalitarian control over the professional and personal lives of the group.

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Goto Maki distrust in Avex, possible reason for hiatus

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Industry insiders were quoted this week saying that Maki distrust for Avex is the main reason why she is going on hiatus in 2012.
This scoop comes out barely a month after it was also revealed that Maki was the only responsible for her hiatus announcement and that Avex unsuccessfully tried to stop her from that decision. Different ideas in the direction of her singing career ~same reason why she quit Up-Front four years ago~ seems to be the real reason of her sudden hiatus.

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AVEX CEO Charged for Threatening Shareholder? Has ties to a Gang? WTF? JYJ

Wow. Hot off the twitter presses comes word that the CEO of avex, Max Matsuura, is in trouble with the law for allegedly “sitting in with a gang”.  Matsuura has reportedly been charged for threatening a shareholder. 

Reportedly, there will be what can only be described as an emergency shareholders meeting on June 26 if these reports are totally accurate.  This news comes by way of a translated report originating from Shukan Bunshun.

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Is Avex’s Matsuura Lying and Misleading the Public about JYJ?


Has avex (Japan) CEO Matsuura lost his mind?  Honestly, the question may be going through the minds of some ‘JYJ vs SM’-observers given a recent spate of translated tweets from the avex CEO.

According to translated reports and tweets from Matsuura, avex is actively seeking to block JYJ from giving a charity concert where all proceeds will go to the devastated victims of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami.

Who the hell purposely tries to stop a charity concert to benefit their own people? The answer to that question appears to be: a bunch of scared, spiteful, hateful execs who don’t want any competition for their own concert featuring artists owned by the company from which JYJ escaped and is currently suing.

Reportedly, there is an upcoming charity concert at which the SM-protected TVXQ2 (Jung and Shim) and others will perform in June.  JYJ putting on a massive concert and receiving positive press in Japan is a threat to avex, especially if JYJ happens to raise more money, or receive more press coverage for their concert.   So avex cannot allow JYJ to perform in Japan… at least not before June.

Rather than behaving like real men, putting aside their disputes and doing something positive — like what JYJ is doing — avex is apparently doing everything in their power to block/stop/sabotage any chance JYJ has to actually perform in Japan and raise money for the victims.

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Matsuura’s Twitter posts as of Oct 30 2010

Max Matsuura’s Statement on Twitter images include translated version of his Japanese tweets Text Version : Good afternoon. This is the last day of my ascetic practice. Only week, but it may have changed...

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September 22 2010 Chiba Ryuuhei Twitter Update

[TRANS] 100922 Chiba Ryuuhei’s Twitter Updates QUOTE Please read from bottom to top. I have read all of your replies. As a company man, a human being, I will think deeper… so that we...