CJeS President makes public declaration, says JYJ is being hindered endlessly

JYJ is being “hindered endlessly in ways that must be justified by the law and common knowledge”, says the President of JYJ’s CJeS Entertainment (dkpop trans)

President Baek Chang Joo made a public statement about the way in which JYJ is being treated by some of the big players in the Korean entertainment industry.

President Baek says that CJeS will continue to help JYJ push forward to achieve their goals even if that means the filing of a lawsuit. 

According to translated reports:

“C-JeS Entertainment will thereby put all effort into helping JYJ to move forward without hesitant pauses amidst interventions. This is the reason for the filing of lawsuit.” (dkpop trans)

President Baek also confirmed they already filed a complaint with the Korean Fair Trade Commission and plan to “take legal action for disrupting JYJ’s individual activities.”  CJeS also plans to bring up these latest backhanded slaps at JYJ to the Court in the current lawsuit against SM Entertainment (SM).

He said:

“…Also, as proven by the recent court decision that JYJ’s contract with their previous agency was unfair, we will put together all the recent controversies, including the current one, as evidence for future lawsuits.” (soompi)

He also reiterated previous Court rulings in JYJ’s favor about the issue of the contract dispute between JYJ and their former agency, SM:

“It has been confirmed by the court that there has been inequity in the contract made between JYJ and previous agency. Using this reason as the base, we will do all we can into filing this lawsuit.

However, I think that even if we succeed in filing lawsuit this time, there will still be hindrances blocking our way, but JYJ plans to march forward and spread their music to people all over the world and hope to touch their hearts with their music.”

If you remember, the Court not only talked about the unfair contract, it specifically ruled that SM will have to pay compensation to JYJ for each time they (SM) interfere with any of JYJ’s activities.

He also apologized to the fans who may be feeling disappointed in the wake of JYJ being dropped from the New 7 Wonders (N7W) KBS-controlled concert.

According to reports, the local government of Jeju has already issued a statement saying they played no part in yanking JYJ from the concert, and issued an apology for the whole JYJ/KBS controversy.

One thing has been settled, though.  JYJ does plan to continue to promote Jeju Island for inclusion on the New 7 Wonders of the world list, and are still the honorary ambassadors for the project according to reports.



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(Translated by Sarah @ KOREA.COM)

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