Happy (Real) Birthday Jaejoong

Fans around the world celebrated Jaejoong’s 33rd (32nd in the U.S.) birthday on Jan 26. But, according to reports, the real day of his birth is Feb 4. Happy birthday Jaejoongie!  In recent months, Jaejoong has been making a lot of moves in the industry like the recent “Bright Starts” even and the opening of KAVE in Japan.

He finally looks what we sometimes refer to as “grown and sexy,” which is just a fun way of expressing the idea of one being comfortable in their own skin.

If the reports are correct, Feb 4 is the day that Baby Jaejoong took his first breath on his own and saw the world with his own eyes.  How can it not be special, right?

Let’s hope he’s somewhere having a great time with great people. 😀

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