JYJ Announces "The Beginning"

New album from the ex-members of Asia's top selling male vocal act "TVXQ" collaborates with international music superstars on global debut

29 September 2010, International: JYJ, which includes 3 main members from arguably the biggest selling male vocal group in Asia "TVXQ" has teamed up with A-list US producers Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins for their global album debut "The Beginning". The title of the album is synonymous with their journey to date and marks a first for the group to release an English language album.

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Freedom of expression!

The next day after “The…” jacket shooting, they had recording in a studio in Korea!

It was Junsu who was the first to go into the recording booth… As soon as he arrived at the studio, he did warming up by singing loudly.

He seemed to be completely ready for this. I think he’s so cool with his charisma when he’s singing with a freedom of expression

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Jejung went drowsy…

YuChun's script with furigana*!
(*The members can't read Kanji well, so they need furigana to help them with Kanji reading)

Right after he came back to Japan, upon his wish, he practiced reading the script with the manager. Since he practiced so steadily, it seems like he has perfectly mastered his lines.

Today too, he's been filming since the mornin~g!


I'll do my best today~!

Even at 8am, YuChun looked this refreshing!!!!

Although he didn't have enough sleep, he still screamed out with all his fighting spirit, "I'll do our best today~!" ♪

2009/07/05(Sun) 17:00

Is going to eat dinner to have energy for tonight's stage~♪
Second day in Nagoya!
2009/06/20(Sat) 15:08
dongbanger.com Negoya day 2
It has begun!
The members have entered the arena, and are doing rehearsals now♪
Yesterday, the members ate the 『Hitsumabushi』that they've been craving so much!
It made them fully power-up☆
Let's have a great Live today too!
Opening in Nagoya!
2009/06/18(Thu) 15:05

It's the opening performance in Nagoya today!
This is the region for the final performances
(T/N: of the TSC Tour, discounting the Dome)
Let's do it with a blast!