Calling all fanfiction writers and lovers! Two new ways to add your stories to dongbanger’s website!

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All DBSK/JYJ fanfiction writers are welcome to add their stories or links to their stories here at!  There are now two ways you can add your story: post your story AND/OR post a link to your story.


You have the option to post your entire story (every chapter, a few chapters, or just one chapter) here.  This is good because more people will get to read your sweet, angsty, smutty dongbang goodness! 

Add your story >


You have the option to post a LINK to the story.  This is good for people who just want to add a link to their livejournal, wordpress, or winglin, (or whatever) website where your story is currently located.  The links are organized into pairings (YooSu, YunJae, etc). If you really love a fanfiction story, add a link to it.  This way you can spread a link to your favorite story or your favorite author’s stories!

Add links >

Spread this news all over to anyone who may be interested and let them know that dongbanger is open to adding their fanfiction information so that more people can get access to it.

Gold Min Medal Winners

Only 5 members, including myself, have been awarded the sexy Gold Min virtual medal/pin!

Gold Min pin You get a Gold Min pin by inviting people to DONGBANGER and collecting 200 points (100pts per invite)! So easy, right?  Congrats to EunJae, whatifgirl, 0007 and meka123!

List of members who have the pin.  And this isn’t the only pin you can get. You can get a Silver Su Pin by readinGold Chung articles througout the site and collecting 30 points!

Or  a sexy Silver Chun Pin by commenting on images in the gallery (5 pts each) to accumulate 100 points. He wants you to get him! Seriously. 🙂

And one of the most sought after, this gorgeous Gold Chun Pin, can be obtained by accumulating 2500 points from all of your activities here at!

You can check which medals you’ve been awarded by loggin in, clicking “Your User CP” and selecting the “Medals” tab.

There’s more and more to come! Check out the DB Points FAQ page for more info!