Yoochun diagnosed with shingles, very weak during Ad filming

According to translated reports, Yoochun has been diagnosed with shingles.   Shingles (varicella zoster virus) is a rash most commonly affecting the torso area.  

A representative is quoted as saying:

“Yoochun was diagnosed with shingles last week while filming for `Miss Ripley`. His face is fine, but he has rashes on his chest and back. Due to his busy filming schedule this past week, he has been suffering from overwork and stress, which led to a weakened immune system and his illness.
“It would be best for him to get some rest in a hospital, but he’s receiving treatment in between schedules that we could not avoid”

SM is the Root Cause of JYJ`s Problem

In my observations of all the controversy happening between JYJ, other broadcasters and other companies, I can only come to the conclusion that SM is root cause for it.  

The controversy at its onset with JYJ could have been fixed very early on if that damn company wasn’t so stubborn. A few small concessions, and none of this may ever have happened.

JYJ was never asking for the moon to begin with. But SM will fight to the death to keep JYJ from being successful if they can because they want to make an example of these three for speaking out.

SM’s problem is that they cannot control JYJ’s talent or the way fans have rallied around them. The more problems SM creates for JYJ (whether its under the table or not) the more people feel like protecting them.  

If JYJ was thwarted twice or three times in their attempts to be part of things like promos for their dramas, you could probably write it off.  But repeatedly? Time after time after time?