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Staff Report: Hiroshima Day 1

June 7, 2009 0

Hiroshima Day 1!
2009/06/06(Sat) 14:55 hiroshimaday1_1We’re having good weather in Hiroshima!
The members have entered the arena, and are now in the midst of a meeting!
This is the poster for Orico Card!
A lot of fans took pictures against this cool panel (^O^)

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Staff Report: Fukuoka Day 2

May 31, 2009 0

Fukuoka Day 2!
2009/05/31(Sun) 11:51

Under the clear blue sky, Fukuoka Day 2 has started!
The sale of goods will be starting shortly.
For those attending, please take care since the weather is so hot!

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Staff: Tohoshinki Tour May 23 2009

May 24, 2009 0


2009/05/23(Sat) 22:55
Your hard work on the stage was full of charisma! (^^)v

2009/05/23(Sat) 13:27
Even though unfortunately…
it has been raining, everyone from Hokkaido, and those who came from everywhere to join us, let’s get high together!
Please be careful to not catch a cold.