Staff Report: Osaka Day 2 June 13 2009

The 3rd day!
2009/06/13(Sat) 13:43

Sweating it out in hot Osaka, the 3rd day has started!
Yuchun’s truck ♪
There will be 5 trucks behind Osaka Jou Hall, please be sure to take some photos as momentos!

Checking the screen!
2009/06/13(Sat) 15:06

During rehearsal, the members are checking the screen!
For some reason, while checking, Yunho and Changmin look identical (laugh).

Guitar battle?!
2009/06/13(Sat) 16:17

Today, Yuchun is also practicing the guitar!
And the next…

Junsu is also…
2009/06/13(Sat) 16:19

Practicing the guitar!
Well now, whose skills are better recently?
A sudden guitar battle among the members who were holding a meeting in the dressing room!

Yuchun’s evening meal…
2009/06/13(Sat) 17:02

As expected, a large serving of kimchi!
Before going on stage, Yuchun is having his meal~♪

Appreciating music!
2009/06/13(Sat) 17:21

Changmin is listening to music on his iPod!
He’s concentrating~♪

From the band’s dressing room…
2009/06/13(Sat) 17:32

If you thought you heard the sounds of a guitar…
He’s practicing at different places!

Beside is…
2009/06/13(Sat) 17:48

Jejung practicing on the drum!
It’s almost time for the performance!
He’ll have to change quickly~~♪

We’re off!
2009/06/13(Sat) 18:06

Yuchun is in particularly high spirits!?
Junsu’s shouting (T/N: Cheering; like Toho-dancers Fighto!) made it even more spirited!
3rd day in Osaka; we’re off!

After the stage ended…
2009/06/13(Sat) 22:28

The members did radio interview comments, and are now playing poker!
Please check out BeeTV Moolog♪

Thank you for your hard work!
2009/06/13(Sat) 23:09

All the schedules have been completed!
Tomorrow will be the last day at Osaka ♪
We’ll do our best~ (^O^)

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