Hiroshima Day 1!
2009/06/06(Sat) 14:55
dongbanger.com hiroshimaday1_1We’re having good weather in Hiroshima!
The members have entered the arena, and are now in the midst of a meeting!
This is the poster for Orico Card!
A lot of fans took pictures against this cool panel (^O^)

Speaking of Hiroshima…
2009/06/06(Sat) 15:32
dongbanger.com hiroshimaday1_2
It has to be Okonomiyaki! (T/N: Savoury Japanese pancake with various ingredients)
Last night, we had Okonomiyaki!
Because they couldn’t come here during the TSC promotions, the members were really excited!
Getting power from the Okonomiyaki, we’ll work hard today too o(^-^)o

In the middle of rehearsals!
2009/06/06(Sat) 15:42
dongbanger.com hiroshimaday1_3
Rehearsals have begun!
They are checking everything one by one.
Junsu, especially, is in good spirits ♪

What’s this?
2009/06/06(Sat) 15:49
dongbanger.com hiroshimaday1_4
The answer is an edamame (T/N: soy beans) toy!
Of course… It belongs to edamame-lover, Yuchun (laugh).
All the members are playing with it (^o^;

2009/06/06(Sat) 16:05
dongbanger.com hiroshimaday1_5
A surprise birthday celebration for Yuchun (4 June) and bass, Kazu (6 June)!
This message came on, on stage☆

This cake…
2009/06/06(Sat) 16:12
dongbanger.com hiroshimaday1_6
Was taken to the stage…
Everyone sang “Happy Birthday” together♪

Two of them together♪
2009/06/06(Sat) 16:23
dongbanger hiroshimaday1_7
They blew out the candles on the cake…

Thank you very much!
2009/06/06(Sat) 16:25
dongbanger.com hiroshimaday1_8
At the end, they thanked all the members and staff who planned the celebration!

Customary practice!
2009/06/06(Sat) 16:38
dongbanger.com hiroshimaday1_9
Yuchun gave Kazu a congratulatory gift in front of the stage!
After that, Yunho took the cake and chased after the production coordinator, Sam-san (laugh).

Birthday today!
2009/06/06(Sat) 16:58
dongbanger.com hiroshimaday1_10
The bass, Kazu-san!
After the celebrations, he gave his comment!
『This year is my first time participating! Please take care of me!』

Before the performance…
2009/06/06(Sat) 18:15
dongbanger.com hiroshimaday1_11
A picture of Changmin taking a breather outside!
It’s almost time for the performance♪

Source: [tour2009.toho-jp.net]
Translation credits: mandasoh@iscreamshinki.net
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