Staff Report: Osaka Day 4 June 14 2009

2009/06/14 (Sun) 16:06

Fighting for the last day!

For the last time, we’ll come for Osaka!


2009/06/14 (Sun) 16:00

Right before the stage…

JEJUNG is nervous (>_<)

It will start real soon!

2009/06/14 (Sun) 15:53

and Today…

YUCHON is practicing guitar!

He’s trying to play Stand by U ♪

2009/06/14(Sun) 15:50

a mosquito’s bite … (T_T)

JEJUNG’s hand … … (*_*)

It’s so itchy (>_<)

2009/06/14 (Sun) 15:16


CHANGMIN is looking for snacks!

While saying that he didn’t really like anko (T/N: Japanese red bean paste snack),

He ate anko in brand “赤福” that the dancer-san gave.

It was surprisingly delicious and he was very pleased (^O^)

2009/06/14 (Sun) 15:01

Although massage has ended…

JEJUNG are still sleeping soundly.

In the midst of preserving the physical strength (^O^)

2009/06/14(Sun) 14:04

During the challenge

Osaka’s Ibenta-san prepared a lot of sweets for Tohoshinki!
It’s like a festival ☆

Immediately JUNSU is challenging to make ice cream with the machine (^ ^)

2009/06/14 (Sun) 13:49

YUCHON’s handmade…

Takoyaki ☆

“I wonder if I can do itー!?” Yuchun said excitedly as he left the dressing room.

Seems like he like to make handmade takoyaki (^O^)

All the members are pleased with hot takoyaki! Let’s eat!

2009/06/14 (Sun) 12:59

During rehearsal!

Rehearsals begin!

Since it’s earlier than usual, so members are still sleepy a little (^ o ^;

2009/06/14 (Sun) 11:55

Osaka the last day!

Osaka is entering the 4th day and it’s the last day!
Osaka is hot today!

At 12 pm, in the fan club booth, goods and CD sales will start ☆
Begin soon ♪

source: TSC staff report
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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