The second day in Hiroshima☆
2009/06/07(Sun) 12:23 hiroshimaday2_1
We’re having good weather in Hiroshima!
It’s really very hot (>_<)

If you look up at the sky…
2009/06/07(Sun) 12:26
There’s a rainbow surrounding the sun!!
It’s really beautiful and mysterious☆
Those who are at the arena now, please look up at the sky now♪

Rehearsals start!
2009/06/07(Sun) 13:14
The members have entered the arena and are in the middle of rehearsals!
Yuchun who is weak in the mornings is moving a little slowly (laughs)
We’re all giving our best during the rehearsals!

Before going on stage…
2009/06/07(Sun) 15:08
We found Jejung getting a late lunch!
He’s eating a combination of hash (T/N: potatoes i think), beef and kimchi!

Hiroshima’s famous cake
2009/06/07(Sun) 15:40
Hiroshima’s famous 『River Mochi』! (T/N: Japanese dessert made from sweet rice flour)
This was also eaten by Jejung. He was really excited and he said it was delicious ♪

Yunho is…
2009/06/07(Sun) 15:50
Getting a massage and watching drama at the same time!

Before changing…
2009/06/07(Sun) 15:55
Junsu is trying a gaufrette! (T/N: type of waffle)
Delicious! There’s only Vanilla?! He asked, and the staff were laughing at him (laugh)
Everyone’s preparations are done, it’s almost time for the performance ♪

Amazing, Jejung…
2009/06/07(Sun) 19:21
After the performance, everyone ordered and ate Bomb House’s (T/N: Shop’s name ^^;;) cold ramen.
The spicy sauce that you see in the picture, is Jejung’s, level 50!
Yuchun’s is level 40, and the other members’ are level 30☆
As for Sam-san… his is level… 4 (laugh)
Jejung says he wants to challenge level 80 next time (^o^;

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