Fukuoka Day 2!
2009/05/31(Sun) 11:51

Under the clear blue sky, Fukuoka Day 2 has started!
The sale of goods will be starting shortly.
For those attending, please take care since the weather is so hot!

From Fukuoka onwards…
2009/05/31(Sun) 12:56

The sale of photos of the Live, 「TOHOSHINKI OFFICIAL PHOTO SELECT SHOP」, have started!
Those who came, please be sure to check it out ♪

At the Fanclub booth…
2009/05/31(Sun) 13:11

They are campaigning for those who came to join the membership!
Those who join the Official Fanclub Bigeast today will get a 「Member-handwritten message card」as a present!
Please be sure to join us in this opportunity to enrol ♪

In the middle of rehearsals!
2009/05/31(Sun) 13:28

Although they follow the same menu (T/N: performance order) at every concert, the members still give their best, it’s all or nothing.
The only thing to be anxious about, is the friendly fights that they have!

Even when rehearsals are over…
2009/05/31(Sun) 13:46

Yunho still stays on the stage!
He is in the middle of practicing with the drums ☆
He’s always looking forward to the day when he can show all of you…!

For lunch…
2009/05/31(Sun) 13:53

Is the bibimbap that the manager-san made himself!
In the recipe is sweet-and-sour pork, Sichuan beancurd, kimchi, pickled daikon radish and an egg yolk (laugh).
It’s quite a large volume (T/N: amount of food) (*_*)
Members, how did it taste? When asked, they said it was delicious!
They said with this, they will also try their best for todays performance (^O^)

Mischief lover!
2009/05/31(Sun) 14:12

I thought of enjoying gaufrette (T/N: A type of waffle) and coffee…
But it was broken into half and taken by Yuchun (-.-; )
Vanilla flavoured gaufrettes are exclusively available at the arena☆

Stop it~ Part 2
2009/05/31(Sun) 14:56

Yuchun is giving a gentle massage to Junsu!
At least that’s what we thought, but he is being more of a hindrance to the Trainer-san (>_<)
Continuing from yesterday, stop it Yuchun~…

In preparation for the live…
2009/05/31(Sun) 15:46

Junsu getting taped.
Junsu said that hearing everyone’s cheers will help him to overcome the pain. (^^)
Please cheer for us alot today as well!

We’re off!
2009/05/31(Sun) 16:03

Aa, the second performance in Fukuoka!
We’re off!

Source: [tour2009.toho-jp.net]
Translation credits: mandasoh@iscreamshinki.net
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