Junsu (JYJ) just recently released “Flower” and the video for the song.  The song is making […]

Yah Jaejoong-ah! Who's the birthday boy? Another birthday for the hard working cutie pie.


Jaejoong celebrates his birthday on Jan 26. However, that gorgeous guy first drew breath on Feb 4 1986. I like Feb 4, so we're also going to wish him a happy birthday on that date as well. :-)

This weekend, JYJ held a special concert for tens of thousands of fans in Seoul.  The  […]
After pulling the same sh!t on JYJ as other cowardly Korean organizations and entertainment shows, the […]
Yoochun Park, the famous Korean singer/actor/songwriter, is celebrating a birthday today, June 4 2012! 

Fans were clamoring to get tickets to a fan meeting with Yoochun on June 4, his birthday.  The tickets were snatched up in 15 minutes.

This will be the first fan meeting for Yoochun since his starring role in the popular suspense drama '3 Days'  wrapped.