Yoochun Birthday Fan Meeting Sold Out

Fans were clamoring to get tickets to a fan meeting with Yoochun on June 4, his birthday.  The tickets were snatched up in 15 minutes.

This will be the first fan meeting for Yoochun since his starring role in the popular suspense drama ‘3 Days’  wrapped.  

In 3 Days, Yoochun starred alongside veteran actor Son Hyun Joo (lastname,firstname) who praised the younger actor’s skill.

” I have seen a lot of young actors in my time, but I feel that Yoo Chun possesses a lot of raw energy. I feel that the raw energy of Yoo Chun has been infused within ‘Three Days’,” Son Hyun Joo said.

He continued, “Park Yoochun is someone who would rather make the move than talk big. I have heard a lot about it. He would always be at the film set before his scheduled time, and never grumbles about how uncomfortable he is despite his injury. I feel that he will grow to become someone that will be well-loved for a long time. There are many young actors out there around his age, but Yoochun has an unusually healthy demeanor about him.”

Yoochun actually injured his shoulder during the filming of the drama, but still fought through it to complete the drama.  Fans were very worried and proud of him at the same time.

Only halfway through the airing of the drama, advertisers spent some 30 Billion Korean Won to have their products advertised to viewers both during the commercial breaks and within the show itself.

Yoochun’s fan meeting will be held at KINTEX, Ilsan on June 4 2014.

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