Yah! Yoochun-ah! Happy Birthday to the sophisticated and bright-eyed Yoochun!

Yoochun Park, the famous Korean singer/actor/songwriter, is celebrating a birthday today, June 4 2012! 

Yoochun recently wrapped up a successful run as Tae-Kyung in the drama “3 Days”.  Aside from being one of the most successful commercial ad pitchmen for big companies, he’s also one hell of an actor, drawing accolades from his senior actors.

Yoochun held a fan meeting on his birthday in Seoul, calling it a “Housewarming Party”.  Both his fellow members, Jaejoong (on the set of his drama Triangle) and Junsu (in Japan), sent cute video messages to congratulate him.

The deep voiced “Chunnie” is quick to smile, has a sophisticated sense of humor and loves his  younger brother (the adorably dimpled actor Yoohwan, who is actually a little taller than he is lol!) with all his heart!

Let’s all hope Yoochun has had a wonderful day and continues to thrill his fans with those skills!


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