Yoochun diagnosed with shingles, very weak during Ad filming

According to translated reports, Yoochun has been diagnosed with shingles.   Shingles (varicella zoster virus) is a rash most commonly affecting the torso area.  

A representative is quoted as saying:

“Yoochun was diagnosed with shingles last week while filming for `Miss Ripley`. His face is fine, but he has rashes on his chest and back. Due to his busy filming schedule this past week, he has been suffering from overwork and stress, which led to a weakened immune system and his illness.
“It would be best for him to get some rest in a hospital, but he’s receiving treatment in between schedules that we could not avoid”

In addition,  this rep said that Yoochun was apologetic for not be able to attend the Miss Ripley drama after party with the rest of the cast.  

Despite his weakened state, he was away shooting for an advertisement and said to be “in an extremely weak state even during the filming.”

Shingles is caused by the same virus which causes chickenpox and is not related to sexually transmitted diseases.  After you get chickenpox, the virus lives in the body and is triggered by situations like a lowered immune system, emotion stress, or cancer.

You cannot catch shingles from someone if you’ve already had chickenpox.  If you haven’t had chickenpox and you come in contact with someone with shingles, you’ll develop chickenpox instead.

Shingles also causes residual pain.  Even after the blisters/rash clears, Yoochun could still have some pain in the aftermath.

Lets hope Yoochun gets rid of some of that stress, gets a chance to relax and heals quickly.


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