BREAKING — According to translated reports, CJeS has confirmed that a Court has ruled in JYJ’s favor and avex can no longer hinder JYJ from promoting their projects in Japan.

avex is the large entertainment company in Japan whose CEO acted like a damn fool after the two parties had a falling out over control of JYJ’s future in Japan.

This avex battle stemmed from JYJ’s initial fight with their former management agency (SM Entertainment) after the trio spoke out and sued SM over a slew of bad business practices which included the infamous 13 year “slave” contracts, incredibly lopsided profit splits, and totalitarian control over the professional and personal lives of the group.

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JYJ was blocked in South Korea because of the ongoing lawsuit, but they were still able to promote in Japan.

However, avex and SM Entertainment are as thick as thieves.  JYJ was allowed to perform in Japan, but avex sought to put a wedge between CJeS and JYJ by changing the terms of JYJ’s contract; cutting CJeS out of all future deals.

avex was, in essence, pulling a power play to remove the one agency helping JYJ while the lawsuits worked their way through the slow court system.  Some observers allege that avex’s goal was to split JYJ and CJeS in an effort to weaken JYJ’s ability to fight against SM in South Korea.

JYJ was not about to allow another big agency to have total control over their group and chose to stay with CJeS.

Thus, avex began their attack by suspending all of JYJ’s Japanese activities and starting what can only be described as a slander campaign against CJeS.

Once avex’s attack against JYJ began, the company was granted access to SM’s other artists like Super Junior and the 2-member version of TVXQ.

SM was keeping JYJ off South Korean broadcasts while avex was keeping JYJ off Japanese broadcasts.

Because of the entertainment system in each country, anyone who dared to put JYJ on their shows would risk being sued or blackballed by both entertainment companies.  Both SM and avex, of course, each have a huge roster of other entertainers which may have been dangled like carrots in front of producers as the prize for NOT allowing JYJ on air.

Masato Matsuura, the CEO of avex, falsely accused CJeS’s CEO of being involved in illegal activity and tried to ruin CJeS’s name to anyone that would listen.  He got into trouble over some rather unprofessional tweets he posted about the group.

avex even tried to stop JYJ from performing a charity concert to aid the victims of the massively destructive earthquake and tsunami which hit Japan in March 2011. For real though: what kinda bi+ch-a$$ person tries to stop a charity concert to benefit his own people?  The CEO of avex, apparently.

If that weren’t bad enough, there were also translated reports allegedly from Shukan Bunshun that avex’s Matsuura was “charged” for threatening a shareholder and had ties to a gang.

JYJ filed an “activity hindrance prohibition injunction” against avex and sought to invalidate avex’s exclusivity contract.

Now with the conclusion of this lawsuit, avex’s ability to keep JYJ locked down in Japan has ended.  Time will tell if the Japanese entertainment industry is as foul as the one run by the boot kissing punks which control the South Korea entertainment industry.

CJeS is expected to release a statement later about this issue.  This post will be updated when further info is available.

UPDATE #1: AKP is reporting that the Courts in Japan ordered avex to pay CJeS 600 Million Yen (approx $6.7 M USD or 7.8 billion Korean Won) and to pay the CEO of CJeS $11,000 (1.1 Million Korean Won) for defamation of character.

UPDATE #2: CJeS stated, “We are very pleased that Japanese judiciary have acknowledged and prohibited the interferences of AVEX against JYJ’s activities in Japan.”

avex can no longer intimidate Japanese concert venue holders, show producers, etc with the claim that they have exclusive rights to JYJ.

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