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100805 Ryuhei Chiba Twitter Updates

I’m called, so I just came out, jajaja-jaaan! Changmin is now in Japan. Yesterday he was shooting with Mika Ninagawa for magazine SWAK. Today, he is in the studio for non-no, to be released on September 20. Maybe I should go to meet him, it’s a long time since I’ve met him(o^^o) Everyone, bye-bye!

100806 avex Vice President Ryuhei Chiba Twitter Updates

Changmin went back to Korea, after finishing his work perfectly. Though I could not meet him, he left me a message “Please pass my words to everyone, thank you always for your warm supports & cheers.” From me, I would like to convey my thankfulness, too. Good night.


100615 Chiba Ryuuhei’s Twitter Updates

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Since I’m working right now, I can only send you this. See? Bye all!

We talked on the phone and somehow it’s been decided that we’d go drinking with each other within a week. When I see him, the first thing I’ll do is that I’ll give him a hug.

Q: You only called JeJung?? How about JunSu and YuChun!?
A: They’re already in Korea. Ah, I actually spilled it out.

While being embarrassed, he said that although singing and dancing are important, the most important thing is that they were able to convey our feelings to the audience! Such a good mannn. I won’t lose to him.

JeJung was very touched last night. That’s why, I’ll give him a call to see how he’s doing.

Chiba Ryuhei’s Twitter Updates: “…they conveyed their hope for us to believe in them and in ourselves.” […]