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Good afternoon. This is the last day of my ascetic practice. Only week, but it may have changed my viewpoint a bit for the rest of my life.

I got a call from Mr. Chiba, CSO. We talked about Twitter and how we can best use it. I’ve decided to read, but not reply to, expressions of opinion and criticisms. When I receive helpful opinions from our customers and fans I will forward them to the right people in our company. They will address issues and respond if needed. We believe we should use Twitter effectively and in a friendly way.

Many customers have very strong feelings about Tohoshinki and other artists. I’m not always the best person to answer them. Twitter isn’t always the best place for addressing concerns or making statements – some contracts have very strict non-disclosure language.

For example, there may have not been enough explanation about JJY, but as a listed company we can freely release only limited information. We abstained from making contentious comments, even though there were some differences of opinion between the other party and ourselves.

As CEO of avex I was blamed by the fans. It made me consider my responsibilities and I honestly felt that sometimes they were too much. That pressure caused some emotional Tweeting. But I do want the fans to be able to vent by telling me their anxious feelings or complaints.

I’ll continue listen to all opinions and complaints, but I may use the blocking function for people who apparently attack me personally.

I want this Twitter account to be fun and use it to receive valuable opinions from all of you. Thank you very much for your understanding.

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