Has avex (Japan) CEO Matsuura lost his mind?  Honestly, the question may be going through the minds of some ‘JYJ vs SM’-observers given a recent spate of translated tweets from the avex CEO.

According to translated reports and tweets from Matsuura, avex is actively seeking to block JYJ from giving a charity concert where all proceeds will go to the devastated victims of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami.

Who the hell purposely tries to stop a charity concert to benefit their own people? The answer to that question appears to be: a bunch of scared, spiteful, hateful execs who don’t want any competition for their own concert featuring artists owned by the company from which JYJ escaped and is currently suing.

Reportedly, there is an upcoming charity concert at which the SM-protected TVXQ2 (Jung and Shim) and others will perform in June.  JYJ putting on a massive concert and receiving positive press in Japan is a threat to avex, especially if JYJ happens to raise more money, or receive more press coverage for their concert.   So avex cannot allow JYJ to perform in Japan… at least not before June.

Rather than behaving like real men, putting aside their disputes and doing something positive — like what JYJ is doing — avex is apparently doing everything in their power to block/stop/sabotage any chance JYJ has to actually perform in Japan and raise money for the victims.

Matsuura is also getting a boatload of criticism from people tweeting him about this issue and has issued a few replies.  In one tweet, reportedly, he blamed their hateful blockage of JYJ’s charity concert on a contract, saying, “A contract is a difficult thing. We can’t just simply allow exceptions.”

In response to another tweet, avex’s CEO said, “It’s not interference. It’s a problem with contract. Meaning, it’s with the matters of a promise.”

Wow.  According to avex’s actions, there’s a contract that needs to be enforced!!  To the thousands upon thousands of people who could use any help from JYJ’s involvement, I guess Matsuura could say, ‘Sorry folks. You’re just $hit out of a luck…. because, hey, a contract is a difficult thing.’ Seriously? “It’s with the matters of a promise”?   A $^#%&!@ promise!? What is this? Kindergarten?

Can we put that down as lame-a$$ excuse #92754 in the ‘Big Book of Lame-a$$ Excuses, World Edition’?  To hell with ‘a contract’ when the larger picture includes feeding and housing people who have lost everything.

The avex CEO also tweets, “I haven’t done anything to be embarrassed about. No matter what people say.”

Yes, he should be embarrassed and ashamed.  Regardless of whether or not there’s a personal grudge against JYJ because they didn’t choose avex over CJeS, the fact remains that avex is purposely blocking JYJ from performing a charity concert ANYWHERE in Japan.

Let me type that again:  The fact remains that avex is purposely blocking JYJ from performing a CHARITY CONCERT anywhere in Japan.  And I suppose its just a coincidence avex is putting on their own charity concert which doesn’t include JYJ?

avex seems to want to play big papa and act as if they’re teaching JYJ a lesson for bucking the system and refusing to be ‘owned’, but avex has been brought low by these actions and will suffer consequences that they apparently refuse to see right now.

There is no getting around it, no sugarcoating it, and, in my opinion, no excuses for why avex would be so personally hateful towards the good intentions of their Korean brothers.

Moreover, two of JYJ’s own members, Junsu and Yoochun had close calls in relation to the quake.  Junsu was actually in Tokyo during the earthquake and wanted to go to the Sendai area for a bit of sightseeing and filming.  Sendai was one area absolutely devastated by the tsunami.

Junsu was persuaded by staff members not to go to the Sendai area, but still got caught in the quake by being in Tokyo.   Junsu said, “Everything was shaking violently… and it’s scary to think of what could have happened if I had been stubborn about going to Sendai.”

Reportedly, Yoochun as well was also slated to be in Japan the day of the quake in relation to his upcoming drama filming.  An unnamed source told Newsen:
“Originally the [Ripley] production team planned to visit Sendai when the earthquake happened, we even had searched for the possible places since long time ago.  However the far distance then became a big trouble for us, thus we decided to do the filming near Tokyo instead.  Due to this, fortunately we escaped that great disaster.”

So obviously this ISN’T some wishy-washy, kinda-sorta, maybe-its-a-good-thing event to JYJ.  Their involvement was about as personal as you could get without there being a personal tragedy involved. Thus, to have their judgment questioned by Matsuura — and to have their good intentions sabotaged — is wholly unacceptable.

If that weren’t bad enough, Matsuura is reportedly spreading unfounded and possibly defamatory rumors about cJes’s involvement in the plans for JYJ’s charity concert.  The avex CEO tweeted about cJeS “thinking about how to not be in the minuses even if the performance falls through…”  BIG NEWS! Masato Matsuura is a  $^!@%&# mind-reader!  He apparently can tell what the CEO of CJeS is thinking.

It is NOT Matsuura’s business whether cJeS is full of crooks or a savior to 3 sweet-hearted young men fighting against the system.  He has no say in whether JYJ will have to kick cJeS out one day, or whether cJeS will rise to prominence because they stood by JYJ.   Matsuura is getting into personal business he apparently overlooked (or didn’t care about) when the group first left SM (Korea) for Japan.  While they were under what turned out to be the fake-protection of avex, cJeS and JYJ worked directly with avex without any problem.

Why does this appear to be so personal for Matsuura? According to translations, he personally tweeted to Jaejoong “Open your eyes”.  How ridiculous is that?  Whether or not Jaejoong should open his eyes about anything, the CEO of a company who essentially threw them away — by trying to block their rise in Japan in favor of getting access to other SM artists — is in no position to give Jaejoong advice like that.

Matsuura’s advice is also unbelievably hypocritical because avex is STILL doing business with SM Entertainment after a number of court rulings in Korea have gone against SM in favor of JYJ already;  not to mention SM’s past policy of 13 year contracts for minors, questionable profit splits, suspected interference with JYJ’s public broadcasts, etc.

Suspicion itself isn’t enough to prevent avex from doing business with SM, but it IS enough to keep JYJ from performing a charity concert?  Seriously?

JYJ’s popularity is bananas (meaning: incredible, great, high) in Japan.  But specifically Jaejoong’s popularity is off the charts.  Aside from looking like he stepped right off the pages of a shoujo manga (or yaoi manga if you like those better), he has already costarred in a Japanese drama with other famous Japanese actors.  To be so directly addressing him in that manner is questionable to begin with for a CEO.  But to drag this dispute onto something as public as twitter, and to spread possibly defamatory accusations about cJeS, is irresponsible if not totally asinine.

In this situation, it seems like the so-called “kids” are behaving like adults and the adults are behaving like spoiled, arrogant children who aren’t getting their way.  avex couldn’t break JYJ, so it seems like they decided to crush JYJ.  But that’s not working either and they’ve grown tired of it.

While JYJ continues to cut their own path with things like the massively successful concerts in Thailand this month (where Director Kim Jaejoong made his debut), avex seems to be struggling with how to stomp out the ever-growing grassroots support JYJ seems to be getting in Japan.

Whatever suspicions avex has of cJeS, or any consequences as a result of those suspicions, it’s not any of avex’s business.   If one wants to talk about suspicions, it is highly questionable to use unfounded misgivings against cJeS as an excuse to block a JYJ CHARITY concert.

And letting any of these disagreements get in the way of helping the struggling victims in Japan is absolutely hateful.

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