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Industry insiders were quoted this week saying that Maki distrust for Avex is the main reason why she is going on hiatus in 2012.
This scoop comes out barely a month after it was also revealed that Maki was the only responsible for her hiatus announcement and that Avex unsuccessfully tried to stop her from that decision. Different ideas in the direction of her singing career ~same reason why she quit Up-Front four years ago~ seems to be the real reason of her sudden hiatus.

Maki joined Avex stating that she wanted to leave her Gomaki days behind her, but three years later she claims the same reason for quitting Avex. How is that possible? In the beginning, Maki enjoyed artistic freedom in Rhythm Zone, but due to her mother’s decease all her plans were put on hold. After a short break, ICONIQ took the spotlight on RZ and Avex CEO Max Matsuura switched Maki to Avex Trax. During her year on AT Maki released three idol-ish mini albums before announcing a final full album and a hiatus. It seems Maki distrust in Avex increased during this time as she saw no effort from Avex to change her image at all, while, for example, the company pursued to sign in Erika Sawajiri. Maki’s had enough of the situation.

From the media side they have had enough too. In spite of supporting Maki after her brother’s scandal and mother’s death, the article states that the media industry is fed-up with Avex treatment on Maki. Apparently, only two media companies attended Maki’s most recent events: her Capcom – Monster Hunter PR event, and her performance at Nicofarre. Only two cameramen after she’s announced her hiatus is something unheard of, according to the article. The writer blames it on Avex decision to reveal Maki’s hiatus half year in advance for profit interest only.

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