In my observations of all the controversy happening between JYJ, other broadcasters and other companies, I can only come to the conclusion that SM is root cause for it.  

The controversy at its onset with JYJ could have been fixed very early on if that damn company wasn't so stubborn. A few small concessions, and none of this may ever have happened.

JYJ was never asking for the moon to begin with. But SM will fight to the death to keep JYJ from being successful if they can because they want to make an example of these three for speaking out.

SM's problem is that they cannot control JYJ's talent or the way fans have rallied around them. The more problems SM creates for JYJ (whether its under the table or not) the more people feel like protecting them.  

If JYJ was thwarted twice or three times in their attempts to be part of things like promos for their dramas, you could probably write it off.  But repeatedly? Time after time after time?


Earlier today, JYJ's CJeS Entertainment announced they have received word that their appearance on a special broadcast show to promote Jeju Island as one of the new 7 Wonders has been canceled.

They are also honorary ambassadors to Jeju's 7 Wonders and the show was supposed to be broadcast by KBS.  Despite that, JYJ's Jaejoong posted a selfless and almost too forgiving response to the latest news.

Further expressing how their entire participation was about the promotion of their native country and not about themselves, Jaejoong tweeted:

"If there’s an obstacle in the way blocking the promotion of our country's natural landscape then I'll just promote it myself."

He then changed his Twitter photo to a picture of Jeju Island.  To another Twitter user, he tweeted:
"@gentlechan If 100,000 people tweet a picture of Jeju Island, won’t at least 20 million people learn of it?"

His first instinct is not to complain but instead to figure out how to contribute to the promotion of his homeland in whichever way possible irrespective of some hateful and pathetic "elders" (my thoughts, not Jaejoong's) trying to stop the trio from doing anything unless they are under the thumb of SM Entertainment.  That goes double for those who are causing problems for JYJ because they're too scared to get on SM's bad side.

Okay, see. Jaejoong... Jae.... what?! Every time I think I know the full extent of just how unique Jaejoong's face is, there is always something else which makes me step back and take notice. 

As you all know, I love to see black-haired Jaejoong (red-haired Junsu, and long-haired Yoochun).  I didn't really care all that much for the washed-out blonde/light haired look because his skin is so porcelain that it does nothing for him.  (Look at me acting like I'm a supermodel or something. Ha! Ha!) But seriously, black-haired Jaejoong is outstanding.

But imagine my reaction to seeing this picture:

I literally released an audible gasp when I saw this picture. Smokey, Gorgeousness. This is from Jaejoong's and Junsu's trip to Vietnam.  He's outside with Junsu, just enjoying himself and bringing attention to the sport. No special lighting, no special poses. Just Jaejoong being Jaejoong.

This really isn't a full blog post. I just wanted to post about what happened yesterday.  I got up and I usually close my laptop.  But this time I just got up and left it open on the couch.  My sister, who was sitting next to me, said "Ooh! Who's that? "  I came back in the room and said, "That's Mr. Kim Jaejoong."  And she said, "He's cute!" I said, "I know!" LOL.

Are the two members of tvxq2 pushing a lame excuse for why JYJ (Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong) had to file a lawsuit against SM?  Recent news would suggest that the two SM-protected artists are trying to blame "young age" as the reason for why JYJ finally had to speak out against SM Entertainment.

At first, SM sought to blame cosmetics company CreBeau as the reason for why JYJ filed suit.  However, since the Court has cleared CreBeau and ruled it defamatory to suggest they were the cause,  SM has switched to another excuse. 

JYJFiles documented instances where the two SM-backed members of TVXQ have blamed 'fame at a young age' as the reason why JYJ split from SM. Thus, putting all the blame for the entire situation on JYJ shoulders.

Both Jung Yunho or Shim Changmin are publicly behaving as if they never had any problem whatsoever with SM's treatment.  Did they themselves ever have any criticisms against SM?  Or did JYJ simply dream up the fact that Jung and Shim, too, were unhappy with SM at one point?

According to a report by JYJFiles, the "new accusations against JYJ's characters" have been spread by none other than the two members.  For some fans, statements made by Shim Changmin in Chosun Ilbo -- the largest newspaper in South Korea -- seemed to be the last straw to calling the two out for making such statements.

Damn it, I have to blog about these guys more often!  One of the things I wanted to see regarding the future of DBSK members is for Jaejoong to direct.  

I thought to myself that I really want Jaejoong, with his meticulous mind, to become a director and to possibly write and direct dramas/film.  I want Yoochun to score (write music for) dramas and film.  Jaejoong seems like he's great at taking basic concepts and creating outstanding beauty from them, while Yoochun appears great at taking amorphous concepts and bringing them down to a simplistic emotional truth.  

I even fantasized about Jaejoong and Yoochun opening their own production company sometime in the future where they focus not just on their own projects, but that they make a huge step forward into both writing and directing dramas, and writing movie scores for other celebrities.

I guess in my imagination, Jaejoong is earth and Yoochun is sky? Kekeke.