JYJ’s Classy Response to Cancellation of their N7Wonders appearance #JejuwithJYJ #JYJwithJEJU

Earlier today, JYJ’s CJeS Entertainment announced they have received word that their appearance on a special broadcast show to promote Jeju Island as one of the new 7 Wonders has been canceled.

They are also honorary ambassadors to Jeju’s 7 Wonders and the show was supposed to be broadcast by KBS.  Despite that, JYJ’s Jaejoong posted a selfless and almost too forgiving response to the latest news.

Further expressing how their entire participation was about the promotion of their native country and not about themselves, Jaejoong tweeted:

“If there’s an obstacle in the way blocking the promotion of our country’s natural landscape then I’ll just promote it myself.”

He then changed his Twitter photo to a picture of Jeju Island.  To another Twitter user, he tweeted:

“@gentlechan If 100,000 people tweet a picture of Jeju Island, won’t at least 20 million people learn of it?”

His first instinct is not to complain but instead to figure out how to contribute to the promotion of his homeland in whichever way possible irrespective of some hateful and pathetic “elders” (my thoughts, not Jaejoong’s) trying to stop the trio from doing anything unless they are under the thumb of SM Entertainment.  That goes double for those who are causing problems for JYJ because they’re too scared to get on SM’s bad side.

Some angry fans are suggesting that the trio’s high international popularity has been intentionally used by some people involved in order drive up the voting numbers to get Jeju Island included, while knowing that JYJ would be stopped from being visible in their own country during the promotions.

But JYJ are still battling rotten but well connected losers who want to keep them from appearing on television in Korea because of a lawsuit they filed against SM — and apparently everybody who’s afraid to become an enemy of SM (sounds like a common street gang).

Representatives for JYJ have stated their disappointment of this situation especially given the fact that 2 members are currently shooting dramas and rearranged the shooting schedules to accommodate for the now canceled appearance.

From a translated report:

“We received the cancellation notice today (16th), just four days before the concert. We had already bought plane tickets and received cue sheets. More importantly, because two members are filming dramas, we told the production company and had made time in their schedule [for the appearance in Jeju]. Even the members couldn’t hide their confusion when they received the news.”

The fans are upset, naturally.  With this latest news, word is all over Twitter (and I’m sure other places) that JYJ were purposely used to increase the number of foreign votes for Jeju Island considering the vast numbers of people outside of South Korea who are JYJ fans. And, that even though they are honorary ambassadors, they cannot participate in this concert on the 20th. 

The JYJ representative also stated, according to translated reports:

“Furthermore, because of JYJ’s appearance, fans passionately participated in the promotional voting for Jeju’s 7 wonders of nature. Domestic fans participated passionately in such ways, and there are fans from Japan who are coming to Jeju Island just to see the concert on the 20th. We are disappointed and sad that they sent us a cancellation notice without basis.”

Indeed, making JYJ honorary ambassadors increased the profile not only for Jeju Island, but for the people putting these events together. It also got many people who can’t even speak Korean to vote.  Hell, I even considered looking up how to vote for Jeju Island even though I’ve only seen a couple of pictures of it.  That’s how strong JYJ’s support is, especially given the current situation they’re going through in their own country.

The classy response from the members so far is partly the reason why fans are so outraged at this latest affront.

It seems like people heading the entertainment agencies and broadcasts in South Korea still don’t understand that the more they try to step on JYJ, the angrier, more supportive and doggedly determined their fanbase becomes.  Not to mention the increase in the number of people who become fans while they try to figure out why these things are happening to these guys.

As I’m typing this, fans all over Twitter are changing their bio photos to pictures of Jeju Island.  I’m looking at Ghozt22, JaeChunSu1612, JKmikipayo,  Jee_me, YaiMaria, turkjansu, Rima19_01, be_ddelusionall, lulu_iblueroze, doctor_jae, marluz86, YJFina, and more just on one page when searching “JYJ” on Twitter.

marluz86 tweeted, “JYJ Latin America is with you FIGHTING #JejuwithJYJ”, JKmikipayo tweeted:“…Always keep the Faith…”, while many others are tweeting about JYJ in their native language.

Faith_in_JYJ tweeted: “I voted and still promoting JEJU because of JYJ…”. And Snowflakes_9108 tweeted: “… no @KBSWorldTV until they let JYJ perform, n it’s for the sake of their country!!…”

And JaeShin_kel tweet is a perfect example of how dirty actions by people like KBS only strengthens the respect and support for JYJ:
“Let’s make some Noise & help JYJ be in the NEWS for promoting JEJU ISLAND despite the lack of support from KBS. VOTE for JEJU because of JYJ”



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