JYJ `sasaeng` fan controversy inflames fanbase

News swirling the past few days revolve around two issues: JYJ’s South American concerts, and unauthenticated recordings released by a dubious Korean source (Dispatch) of JYJ members either talking about or in the midst of being harassed by “sasaeng” fans.

Upon hearing this latest suspiciously timed report, my first instinct was to note the timing of its release and the lack of video to accompany it.  

The case between JYJ and SM Entertainment has yet to reach its final conclusion, so when something seems to come out of nowhere with the intent to tarnish JYJ in some way, it seems to coincide with a negative court ruling or terrible news for SM.  

Some have suggested this JYJ controversy was intentionally pushed by Dispatch to purposely cover up a larger scandal with South Korea’s version of The White House, called ‘The Blue House’.  The Blue House is said to have requested the destruction of evidence concerning illegal investigations of civilians.

More interesting, however, is the negative report has opened the door to a bigger problem: “stalkers”( also called “PRIVATES”)  who are allowed to engage in dangerous harassment by chasing celebs around Korea without being prosecuted.

Who Said Anything Abt. Lee Soo Man? JYJ Song Ban by KBS Provokes Outrage


By banning JYJ’s song Pierrot, has KBS become a shill for SM Entertainment?  Before they could successfully rehabilitate their image for the whole Jeju Island/ambassador concert debacle, KBS seem to be looking for reasons not to have to deal with JYJ.  

At the end of September, KBS stamped JYJ’s Pierrot, written by member Jaejoong, as inappropriate while claiming the song contains a slur against Lee Soo Man.  Lee Soo Man is the (former?) head of the dreaded SM Entertainment (SM), the company with which JYJ are currently involved in  a lawsuit.

KBS made the interpretation that a lyric in the song was referring to “President Soo Man” and deemed it a personal attack on a specific individual.   In the song, there is reference to the letters “P.S.M.”.  There is no mention at all of Lee Soo Man’s name, and no personal threats to the any employee of SM.

C-Jes, JYJ Pissed at Fake Fans Behavior

jyj hands dongbanger
Oh snap!  C-Jes, the agency managing JYJ, has issued a statement aimed directly at a-holes who are spreading rumors and making malicious attacks against the group all while proclaiming themselves to be “fans”.

C-Jes says it has already “secured evidences” against some people who are attacking JYJ and have issued individual warnings towards some of those who were caught.

This situation(s) must be very serious because the company wants the public to know they will be submitting evidence to the Cyber Terror Response Center, and will be officially requesting police investigations.