Arbitration fails; Court Decision expected Sept

9:00AM: AKP is reporting the following: Another meeting will take place “around Sept 13” between JYJ’s side and SM’s side. 

The arbitration meeting on Aug 10 was 1h30m long where both sides expressed their views.  JYJ’s lawyer reportedly told Star News that the difference in opinion between JYJ’s side and SM’s side is too large for them to come to a mutual agreement.

JYJ’s side wants to “settle all the accounts and issues in court”, while SM wants to ‘forget the past’.

JYJ’s attorney says the Court is the one pushing for a “voluntary agreement or mediation until a decision has been made”.


Jae dropped an ‘idol killer’ after finding out abt her past? The boy has grown up

 jaejoong 024
Yes Jaejoong has gotten to that age where he’s down for blind dates, yall.  Jaejoong is known to be blunt when it comes to interviews so I’m totally not surprised at him talking about blind dates.  But I’m also thrilled that he’s out of that “pretty hands” phase. (More about that point later)

Jae told the interviewer that he had been on a blind date twice but he found out she got around… I mean, round and round, up and down.  Turns out homegirl makes it a habit of dating one famous guy after another.

Open letter to JYJ: To Jaejoong, To Yoochun, To Junsu


If you want to break, make sure every shard of you feels love floating like air all around you. You can crack and be repaired. You can break and be restored. But draw that air inside you, while your heart continues to heal. Just make sure you’re still breathing.

And keep breathing as you look at yourself. Everybody feels shame and sorrow just like everybody feels pure happiness in their lives. Remember, things can turn joyous just as quickly as they turn chaotic. Don’t think you’re alone.

Don’t feel sorry for those of us who support you. Feel sorry for those who try to stomp out your light. They are the ones who will need mercy as they crumble into pieces. If you want to see that, make sure you’re still breathing.

KBS trying to re-brand JYJ success as `kpop` success


jyj f you kbs
Screw you, KBS, for trying to white wash the fact that JYJ, as independent artists, were the first Korean group ever to perform solo for thousands of South Americans.

The power that drew thousands of people in Chile and Peru (most of whom can’t speak Hangul (Korean)) was JYJ’s talent. It was NOT due to a glossed-over, non specific love of “kpop” or a marketing slogan like “hallyu wave”.

In their reporting, KBS repeatedly referred to JYJ’s concert as a “kpop” concert, referred to JYJ as a “kpop” group, and referred to their fan’s love as a “love for kpop”.  Fans who watched the report say KBS mentioned “kpop” over 25 times, while only mentioning “JYJ” twice, as if the artist didn’t matter.

KBS is trying to convince the Korean public, in many people’s opinion, that JYJ was not successful because they are uniquely talented, but only because of the hallyu wave marketing campaign.