`Psychic Predictions` for JYJ’s Zodiac signs in 2012?

This kind of stuff is cute to read.  I in no way am saying this is what’s going to happen. LOL.  But the internet is a silly thing. I was searching for something else and this page was one of the results. Anyway, here’s what they say about…

Aquarius (Jaejoong  Feb 4)

The first three months of 2012 surrounds Aquarius with positive energy and the second quarter brings a new and interesting opportunity your way. Focus on reconnecting with family and friends this year, giving you the love and support needed to feel rejuvenated and refreshed once again. Learn better communication skills with loved ones to avoid any friction during the latter part of the year. Aquarius should also pay special attention to money matters in 2012, looking into possible investments and finding ways of saving because expenses could unexpectedly go up half way through the year.


Versatile and adaptable Aquarians are in for a year of unexpected but pleasant surprises in 2012 and the chance to achieve what was believed to be impossible during the previous year. Positive energy abounds along with new opportunities in the second quarter of 2012 for those born between January 20th and February 18th, who should expect to be even more optimistic this year than normal.

Those born under the air sign of Aquarius demand honesty from those around them, and thanks to the influences of Neptune, have an uncanny ability to seek out the truth. A strong belief system and convictions coupled with an attractive, magnetic personality are typical of Aquarians who, at times, may have the tendency to be demanding, either of others or themselves. Because of this, make sure 2012 is a year of a willingness to make positive changes where needed.

Love and Relationships: Aquarius 2012 Predictions

Spend this year focused on family and friends, strengthening existing relationships and forming new ones during the third and fourth quarters. A personal relationship of some sort could prove to be less than ideal at the end of the year so utilize your great diplomacy and perceptiveness to iron out any problems.

A philosophical mood strikes during September as you even surprise yourself with your deep thoughts and better than usual reasoning skills.

Career and Finance: Aquarius 2012 Predictions

Career minded water bearers will have an opportunity to showcase their many talents this year, and with hard work and determination, a well deserved promotion or similar success could be on the immediate horizon. But, do beware of some possible friction in the workplace during the second and third quarters taking this time to make use of your excellent communication and interpersonal relationship skills to diffuse the situation quickly.

In matters of finance Aquarians could see business gains or an increase in salary or earnings at the beginning of the year. However, despite this boon early on, the second part of 2012 could bring about an increase in expenses, making it important to take advantage of the previous surplus.

Travel overseas is a possibility, either for career or personal matters, especially during the second portion of the year. If relocation is a result of a career change or a related opportunity in another state or country, make sure that plenty of planning ahead of time is on your agenda. This will ensure that possible snags along the way are avoided before they have a chance to transpire, which also holds true for both career and personal matters when it comes to relocating.

Health: Aquarius 2012 Predictions

And finally in regards to health, Aquarians shouldn’t have to deal with many problems in general throughout the majority of 2012, except perhaps during the last quarter. The final three months of 2012 may bring about stomach-like ailments such as the flu, so make it a point to watch your health at the end of the year. Also, make time for rest and relaxation to ward off potential illness while keeping your mind sharp and focused especially close to the month of November.

Overall, surviving 2012 is a snap. Aquarians should expect to have a relatively pleasant and satisfactory year in 2012 devoid of any major issues or problems.


Sagittarius (Junsu Dec 15)

Keep your calm and your wits about yourself during the beginning of 2012 Sagittarius as the year will definitely get better as it goes on. Watch for tensions in the workplace and keep yourself away from petty matters that will resolve themselves eventually. Sagittarius should also keep a close eye on their finances this year as there may be an unexpected need for greater spending during the third and fourth quarters of 2012. Also be wary of disagreements and misunderstandings in both matters of love and relationships, taking care to make communication a top priority.(dongbanger notes: Uh oh Susu! Hang in there. :P)

Ever positive Sagittarius, represented in the zodiac by the centaur, a half man, half horse commonly seen in Greek mythology, possesses a gentle, honorable nature along with an exuberant take on life that’s usually contagious. Sagittarians, or those people born between November 22nd and December 21st, are widely known for their extreme trustworthiness, honesty and a stellar track record of keeping their word even throughout the most adverse of circumstances.

In the year 2012, most lucky Sagittarians are in store for an exciting time ahead that begins rather memorably for this energetic and passionate fire sign.

Love and Relationships: Sagittarius 2012 Predictions

The inquisitive nature of Sagittarians causes them to love exploring and experimenting with new things and ideas, making them quite knowledgeable on a wide variety of fascinating subjects. Relationships with children blossom this year especially in social settings as both young and old flock to Sagittarius thanks to their adventuresome attitude and sunny outlook.

Disappointments, setbacks, or heartbreaks don’t really seem to have the same effect on optimistic Sagittarius who has a great ability to see the best in any situation, which will definitely come in handy when dealing with difficulties on the home front sometime during the first six months of 2012.

Exercise caution when it comes to problematic issues while relying on hard work and dedication to mend damaged relationships, romantic or otherwise. Also seek advice from the older and wiser who can offer real words of wisdom.

Career and Finance: Sagittarius 2012 Predictions

With a strong sense of character and history of dependability, Sagittarius is duly admired and respected in the workplace. Both confidence and excitement build as some long overdue recognitions finally come into the spotlight. The first quarter of 2012 sees the most success in terms of career and finance with the second quarter mirroring the first thanks to Sagittarius’ intense efforts.

A possible new business venture could also transpire during this time for Sagittarius who will spend the last half of the year working to retain the momentum achieved earlier on. Some time will also be spent sidestepping a few tense moments in May or June before things start to improve once again.

For those Sagittarians who are involved with computers or technology, continued research and higher learning will prove to pay off handsomely in the last part of the year especially to facilitate promotions or similar advances later on in 2011.

Health: Sagittarius 2012 Predictions

In general, Sagittarius usually enjoys excellent health, although in 2012 the Centaurs should be on the watch for potential problems with the nervous system or those related to the skin during the first few months of the year. And, those Sagittarians who have been meaning to get in better physical shape will finally be able to meet their goals this year with some will power and dedication to a healthier way of living.

Although 2012 is coupled with both great success alternating with brief periods of sadness or disappointment for Sagittarius, these idealistic and dynamic individuals will remain firmly committed to their goals and beliefs while

surviving 2012.


Gemini (Yoochun June 4)

Finances will finally start to improve this year although 2012 won’t be a time of sitting back and relaxing for the Twins who will still need to work hard to achieve their goals.

Gemini should be on the look out for a lucrative project to find its way to their doorstep during the first half of 2012, remembering how to delegate tasks while keeping their workloads at a reasonable level. Make a conscious effort to spend time with the family and pay attention to matters of health, which might end up suffering as a result of your often hectic schedule.


by the symbol of the Twins in the zodiac, is perhaps the most interesting and complex of all the twelve horoscope signs. These innovative and creative people born between the days of May 21st and June 21st possess a highly intellectual mind along with a pleasant demeanor and an innate charm that instantly draws others to them, making them popular in whatever circles they choose to travel.

The Twins should look forward to a year of excitement and success in 2012 along with a rare chance to recuperate a few losses, financial and otherwise, that were experienced in the past year.

Love and Relationships: Gemini 2012 Predictions

Gemini is known for their extreme trustworthiness and ability to bring out the best in others, making it rather easy for them to make and maintain relationships. However, in this upcoming year, the Twins will want to keep their argumentative, questioning, and suspicious natures neatly in check if they want to continue enjoying harmonious personal relationships, especially with their significant others.

Gemini should wisely use the second half of 2012 to mend any fences that were broken during the first two quarters of the year due to flared tempers or loose tongues and rely on their great ability to bring peace to just about any type of situation.

Career and Finance: Gemini 2012 Predictions

The beginning of the near year may bring about some strife in the workplace or on the career front with questions arising surrounding income in the first quarter. Instead of expecting a pay increase or promotion now, channel your energy toward other creative endeavors that just may turn out to be rather lucrative.

From March until the end of June Gemini could see their career related goals come to fruition as income and productivity both are on the rise. Thanks to favorable planetary positioning, the Twins can expect a profitable year provided plenty of patience is utilized, something that Gemini often lacks in spite of their best intentions.

For Twins who are interested in furthering their education, fickleness and trouble concentrating can both prove to be real barriers, but with the will to succeed and coming to terms with the fact that you simply perform better under pressure, you will be able to achieve whatever you want.

Also look for some confidence boosters in unexpected places during the last few months of the year which will greatly help to give you that extra push needed to realize all of your goals.

Health: Gemini 2012 Predictions

Despite all of the general odds the Twins should have a relatively healthy year in 2012. Although under the retrograde of planet Mars, Gemini will want to be on the watch for potential health problems that relate to either digestion or the nervous system.

This is particularly true during the first two to three months and again during the fall again due to Mars along with some help from Venus also in retrograde.

All in all, Gemini should look for a dynamic, exciting year that is rich with surprises as well as emotional fulfillment while surviving 2012.


dongbanger notes: Some of these types of things are SOOOO vague that it can apply to just about anybody reading it.

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