jyj hands dongbanger

jyj hands dongbanger
Oh snap!  C-Jes, the agency managing JYJ, has issued a statement aimed directly at a-holes who are spreading rumors and making malicious attacks against the group all while proclaiming themselves to be “fans”.

C-Jes says it has already “secured evidences” against some people who are attacking JYJ and have issued individual warnings towards some of those who were caught.

This situation(s) must be very serious because the company wants the public to know they will be submitting evidence to the Cyber Terror Response Center, and will be officially requesting police investigations.  

The CTRC is a specialized section of the authorities which focuses specifically on crimes through the use of the Internet.

Kinda gives new meaning to the term: the $hit hits the “fan”… or in this case, $hit hitting the fake “fan”.

But many people are aware of this type of behavior by some who call themselves “fans”, but who go on to incessantly criticize, question, argue and berate almost any and every move they make.

And whose criticism is not made in a ‘free speech’ kinda way, but rather, is made in a way where their hatred for the group (and even the management company itself) is obvious.  

How is this different from criticism against SME, some may ask?  Apparently because these attacks were made against the actual group members themselves.  Not liking SM is different than making full out threats against a particular artist or group, or trying to ruin that artist’s reputation with baseless allegations.

Some folk are already suspicious that at least a few of these “fans” are supporters of their former agency (SME) , whom JYJ are currently suing.  

I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these rumors are spread by stubborn and misguided supporters of ‘the way things were’ who can’t seem to get over the fact that two separate groups exist at the moment… and they blindly blame JYJ for it.

With CJeS bringing in the authorities on these issues, there seems to be much more to this story than what is revealed in their press release.  Certainly there had to be a ‘last straw’ to spark this latest statement.

We’ll keep you posted.


Translation of full Statement

Announcement of the management policy
on defamation [of JYJ] on the internet

Greetings from C-JeS Entertainment.

Firstly, we would like to thank you for your huge interests and support for JYJ’s 1st Korean special album.

It has been 1 year since JYJ made a new start with the World Wide album released internationally.

 Since their inspiring first step, JYJ has achieved outstanding musical triumph such as the world tour concerts in 10 [global] cities and continued wonderful activities as a global star, including honorary ambassador of many government bodies and corporations including UN-affiliated organization.

We believe it is the same for the fans of JYJ as well.

Fans show sophisticated attitudes for every show and impressive donations are being continued by fans day after day. Your sound supports, donations of rice[Dreame] and interests in the products that JYJ works as a model have surprised professionals in each industry and satirical advertisements on the newspapers, buses and subway that demanded JYJ’s [free] activities on TV paved the way for media to acknowledge such sophisticated fandom.

We, C-JeS Entertainment that takes charge of JYJ and each member’s management, always deeply appreciates and respects fans [of JYJ].

However, there have been people spreading rumors and making personal attacks on the members while they claim themselves as a ‘fan’.
We have taken individual actions by each case so far, but hereby we give an official notice of strict warning from the management today.

We shall not recognize those people who damage reputation of any members of JYJ by spreading groundless rumors as a ‘fan’ and take legal action with clear evidence.

We have secured evidences including those who were warned individually and/or inquired [police] investigation. From this moment of the announcement, we will submit the evidence to Cyber Terror Response Center** and officially request police investigation if those posts are deleted within a week or this incident recurs continuously.

This is a serious crime beyond distorted affection of a fan.

We would be grateful if you could understand and respect this announcement.

The three members of JYJ are more than just a member of the group [to each other].

And we hope that you look forward to good music and great activities under the name of JYJ now and forever.

Thank you very much.

Original Source: http://c-jes.com/w/172701#0

 (**CTRC: Specialized police organization for crimes on the internet)

Translated by: Mission4JYJ (http://mission4jyj.wordpress.com/)



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