TVXQ JJ Magazine Interview


Q. Any memories of Valentine’s Day?
In high school, a girl who was 5 years older confessed to me with hand-made chocolate and a letter. Because it’s the first time I received a confession from an older girl and I was still a kid, I politely rejected her.

Q. What kind of female fashion or clothes that allow them to exude their charms make you go “She’s irresistable wearing that!”?
White style. I like the intellectual and elegant style.

Q. When a girl removes her make up and you think – this is someone else! Have you experienced that?
Even if she shows me her natural face, it’s fine. I like it best when they show their natural faces. But I also like the various looks girls create when they wear make up.

Q. What fetish do you have when it comes to girls?
Eyes. When I talk to anyone, I will always look at that person’s eyes. I’m not sure what makes me go “Her eyes are pretty”, but I’ll feel it when her eyes are conveying pretty feelings.

Q. What do you think of aggressive women?
Because I like wild girls, I think it’s good if they are aggressive.
Although I’m the type that leads, when it’s just the 2 of us, I want my girlfriend to lead me!

Q. Songs that you want girls to sing at the Karaoke?
Hideaki Tokunaga’s “Rainy Blue” and James Ingram’s “Just Once”.

Q. The first thing you do when you reach home?
I’ll take a Japanese bath, and recently I’ve also been listening to music or reading a book for about 50 minutes while I’m at it.

Q. What kind of sleeping style do you have?
Dark blue or pink jersey. If it’s pink, I’ll definitely wear spectacles.

Q. Something you like and dislike about your own personality?
I like that I’m forward-looking and dislike that I’m so forgetful. I keep losing my things and it makes me even more forgetful.

Q. When you where a kid, what kind of child were you?
I was very active and adventurous! There was once I went hiking with my friends and we forgot the road back so everyone ended up crying.

Q. If you have to describe yourself as an animal?
According to my friends, I’m a passionate leopard.

Q. If you could only bring one thing to an uninhabited island, what would you bring?
I’ll bring a knife to keep a diary on the trees or walls.

Q. In 2009, you had your first drama in Korea. How was it?
It was a really good time. I got to do something that was different from usual. There were similarities between the character I portrayed and myself, so I felt that doing the drama also allowed me to grow.

Q. You seem to be fascinated with 4-letter idioms. 4-letter idioms that you like?
前代未聞 (T/N: Unprecedented) 自画自賛 (T/N: Singing one’s own praises) 一石二鳥 (T/N: Killing two birds with one stone)

Q. The most effective way to remember words from a foreign language?
Watch dramas, and talk a lot with the staff who are familiar with those terms.

Q. Is there someone you respect a lot?
My father. I think he looks really cool when I see him doing his best in his life. My father always tells me, “Don’t ever forget that you’re standing here today because of the supportive staff around you and the fans who cheer you on.” I always keep my father’s words in my heart.

Q. If you didn’t enter the entertainment industy, what do you think you’d be?
My childhood dream, probably a prosecutor.

Q. Please tell us what you think after seeing JJ.
I’d be happy if we had this kind of men’s magazine! For people of our generation, we like to use fashion to portray our characters and personalities, so if we had this kind of magazine, I’d definitely study it!

Q. In JJ, what kind of female fashion and hairstyle do you like?
I think the knitted one-piece (T/N: dress) is cute. I like straight, long hair.

Q. Lastly, a word to JJ readers!
A new year has begun. Forget all the regretful things and bad memories that happened last year, and let’s make new and exciting memories. Also, it’s going to be Valentine’s Day soon, please have a good time with the person that you really like.

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