Junsu Increased Ticket Sales to Mozart Musical by $3.5 Million

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Junsu can make you a boatload of money. Serious. According to the latest translated reports, Junsu helped to increase sales to the musical Mozart! by $3.5 million dollars (4 Billion South Korean won) and he hasn’t even taken the stage just yet.

Junsu is one of 4 leading actors who will play the same role on different days, but as soon as tickets for Junsu’s performance days went on sale, the website selling the tickets immediately crashed traffic from people trying to buy tickets.

Some fans are saying they don’t want so much pressure put upon Junsu’s shoulders. However, Junsu has had a lot of responsibility since he was a kid being educated in music, dance and the entertainment industry.

Translated reports suggest that over 90% of the ticket reservations from the site Interpark were by women, exceeding the usual male-to-female ratio for attendees of musicals.

A rep for the musical said, “Thanks to Xiah Junsu, we were able to draw the public’s attention to the field of musicals more than we’ve ever been able to before.”

Junsu’s first performance is scheduled for Jan 26 assuming his health will allow him to perform. If you don’t know already, he went to the hospital a few days ago reportedly complaining of fatigue and dizziness.

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Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net

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