TVXQ JJ Magazine Interview


Q. Do you have any Valentine’s Day memories?
I guess… I started receiving chocolates ever since high school. (laugh)

Q. If you want to go on a date in Japan, where would you go?
It would be most comfortable to go to a hot spring.

Q. If you want to confess to a girl you like, do you think telling her through a phone call or text message would be better?
I will confess when I meet her.

Q. Did you buy anything recently?
I bought a small bag that I carry around daily.

Q. What is something that will make you feel troubled if you don’t have it?

Q. How many text messages do you send daily?
About 10 I guess.

Q. Japanese cuisine that you like and dislike?
I like Yakisoba (T/N: fried noodles). I dislike Kusaya (T/N: salted dried fish/fermented fish), which I ate during a “Punishment Game” on a TV programme.

Q. Something you will definitely do as you go about your day?
Relax leisurely.

Q. The best way to relax, to relieve stress is?
Spend 3~5 hours watching funny programmes that I recorded, and laugh without thinking about anything.

Q. A movie you like?
I like “Love Story”.

Q. Do you drink alcohol? If you do, how much can you drink? (T/N: His level of alcohol tolerance.)
I love sake! (T/N: Japanese rice wine) I can drink really well~

Q. Something that surprised you recently?
Before this when I came to Japan, I was told that it was the coldest day of the year that day, but I thought to myself that it was actually quite warm. It’s because it is really cold in Korea.

Q. What do you think accounts for the “loveable” factor of Japanese females? Also, the “loveable” factor for Korean females?
Japanese girls have high-pitched voices that are a little nasally, so it feels very cute. They give off thise cute image. Korean girls have beautiful skin.

Q. What’s a good thing about Japanese fans?
They come to concerts as a whole family. We’re really happy when we see that.

Q. A song you must sing when you go to the Karaoke?
It’s embrassing to sing Tohoshinki’s songs, so I don’t sing those. I usually sing Korean artist Shin Seung Hun’s songs.

Q. Is there something that is precious to you?
My diary that I write in everyday before I go to sleep. I started keeping it 3 years ago.

Q. A Japanese word that you remember recently?
「バツイチ」 (T/N: “Batsuichi”: Someone who has been divorced once) Because I acted as someone like that in a drama…(laugh)

Q. Please tell us what you think after seeing JJ.
If I’m a girl, I’d definitely read JJ regularly.

Q. In JJ, what kind of female fashion and hairstyle do you like?
For fashion, I like mini-skirts. For hairstyle, I like long hair that gives of a neat and classy image.

Q. Lastly, a word to JJ readers!
Last year, there was the spread of influenza so it was terrible. This year, take care of yourself and let’s support the World Cup!

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