Q. Any memories of Valentine’s Day?
When I was in Elementary School I received many things from girls, but after that, it seemed like I never received anything from anyone aside from fans!

Q. A birthday present you received that made you really happy?
Keyboard. Even now, I use that keyboard when I’m composing songs.

Q. Do you believe in love at first sight?
I do! But I won’t make the first move.

Q. Do you have any wish to get married?
Yes. I wish to get married before I’m 28~

Q. Do you like to woo the person you like, or be wooed by the person you like?
If I’m the one who liked her first, I would also want her to love me back.

Q. I heard that compared to looking at a girl’s face, you look at her hands first. Do you also look at her nails? What kind of nails do you like?
I don’t like nails that are too complicated. I like fingers that are slender and long.

Q. What would you do if the girl you like is feeling down?
Usually I don’t like to have long phone conversations or send long text messages, but if she was feeling down, I’d do my best to do it.

Q. The biggest failure recently?
Before we came to Japan this time, I wanted to compose a song, but I started drinking halfway through… In the end, I got dead drunk and didn’t complete the song… and just came to Japan like that.

Q. The number one thing that made you really happy?
It was when I went drinking like I mentioned in Q88 (T/N: the question above), 10 of us male friends got together. As we usually spend the end of the year in Japan, I was really happy to be able to attend a bōnenkai in Korea.
(T/N: “bōnenkai” = a drinking party held amongst colleagues or friends at the end of the year, and it’s meant to forget the troubles of the past year)

Q. I heard that you’re good at cooking, what is your specialty?
As long as it’s Korean cuisine, I can do all of it!

Q. Please tell us the artist and song that you’ve taken to recently.
m-flo’s “Yours only/Lies”.

Q. What is the thing that makes you happy when you do it?
When I have a week’s holiday and I spend all of it at home. I’ll sit on the sofa and watch TV and movies, drink alcohol… When I’m doing nothing and I can completely relax, that makes me happy.

Q. If you had to describe yourself in one sentence?
Yes~ I can use any example? The falling “rain”, which can be weak yet strong.

Q. A recommended spot in Korea for tourists?
Korea’s famous river, the Han River.

Q. If your schedule for tomorrow is suddenly cancelled, what would you do?
Because I always have to consider our schedule and it limits our time spent eating, so if that happened, I would go and eat without any worries.

Q. If you had to pick something as your “treasure”?

Q. What do you think accounts for the “loveable” factor of Japanese females? Also, the “loveable” factor for Korean females?
I think Japanese girls are cute with their curly curls. On the other hand, Korean girls have really lustrous black hair, and I think it’s pretty.

Q. Please tell us what you think after seeing JJ.
Unfortunately, I bought it! (laugh) I’ve been studying the use of colours for my own fashion.

Q. In JJ, what kind of female fashion and hairstyle do you like?
Pants or skirts are okay, but I like the lady-like, casual style. For hairstyle, I like those that give them lady-like silhouettes.

Q. Lastly, a word to JJ readers
This is Jejung. I am also JJ! Please give me chocolates!♥




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