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Q. Can you tell us what you think about your first BEST ALBUM, which will be released on 17 February?

Yunho: This best album includes many good songs from our debut days until now... it contains a countless number of our memories. Through this album, you can feel every small bit of growth that Tohoshinki made! It is literally the essence of Tohoshinki.

Changmin: The past 5 years of our activities in Japan are all recorded in this album. The members trying their very best, and the fans giving their support... Everytime I listen to these songs, a lot of memories come to mind. This is a compilation of best works that we are most confident of.

Jejung: I can confidently say that this is our best album! Up until now, we've been working in Japan for 5 years, and in between, it'
s a fact that Tohoshinki has grown, and this growth is all thanks to the support of our fans. Everyone, thank you so much.

Yuchun: Through this album, we can re-live all the past activities that we did, so it's an album that is very important to us. Our hearts are filled with all these precious memories and emotions. These 5 years passed by in a flash, yet it was also fulfilling. I hope that our fans can listen to this album.

Junsu: This is Tohoshinki's first best album. It is a "5 years of memories" compilation of Tohoshinki's lives in Japan. I hope that the people who listen to this album will feel Tohoshinki's growth, as well as the message that we are trying to send to everyone.

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Junsu can make you a boatload of money. Serious. According to the latest translated reports, Junsu helped to increase sales to the musical Mozart! by $3.5 million dollars (4 Billion South Korean won) and he hasn't even taken the stage just yet.

Junsu is one of 4 leading actors who will play the same role on different days, but as soon as tickets for Junsu's performance days went on sale, the website selling the tickets immediately crashed traffic from people trying to buy tickets.

Some fans are saying they don't want so much pressure put upon Junsu's shoulders. However, Junsu has had a lot of responsibility since he was a kid being educated in music, dance and the entertainment industry.