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Freedom of expression!

The next day after “The…” jacket shooting, they had recording in a studio in Korea!

It was Junsu who was the first to go into the recording booth… As soon as he arrived at the studio, he did warming up by singing loudly.

He seemed to be completely ready for this. I think he’s so cool with his charisma when he’s singing with a freedom of expression

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Jejung went drowsy…

Jejung sat down on a comfortable sofa while Junsu was recording, he finally fell asleep as he’s listening to the music.

Just take a break, your turn will be the last

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Check, check

Yuchun is checking his part at which he supposed to sing.

Yuchun had a shooting schedule for his drama starting from the evening, so he was so hasty as he said “I gotta hurry!” but, Yuchun… why don’t you take off your bag first? (laughs)

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Isn’t it cute!?

A cute kitty one of the members brought at the recording studio, it was Jejung who keeps it as a pet. All staffs took pictures of it because it was so cute! Jejung also seemed to be proud of it (laughs).

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These are cat food and water Master Jejung prepared for at the corner of the studio (laughs)

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