Staff Report: Nagoya June 20 2009

<strong>Second day in Nagoya!</strong><br /><em>2009/06/20(Sat) 15:08</em><br /><img alt=" Negoya day 2" src="images/stories/negoya1_day2.jpg" class="linked-image" height="201" width="356" /><br />It has begun!<br />The members have entered the arena, and are doing rehearsals now♪<br />Yesterday, the members ate the 『Hitsumabushi』that they've been craving so much!<br />It made them fully power-up☆<br />Let's have a great Live today too!<br />

Second day in Nagoya!
2009/06/20(Sat) 15:08 Negoya day 2
It has begun!
The members have entered the arena, and are doing rehearsals now♪
Yesterday, the members ate the 『Hitsumabushi』that they’ve been craving so much!
It made them fully power-up☆
Let’s have a great Live today too!

Oira is…
2009/06/20(Sat) 15:43 Negoya day 2
a drum~♪ (T/N: it’s either the drums have a name, or i don’t get this xD)
After rehearsals are over, Yunho is playing the drums enthusiastically!

2009/06/20(Sat) 16:26 Negoya day 2
This is Takao-san, the drummer from Tohoshinki’s band for the tour!
A comment from Yunho’s teacher!
『We’ll deliver a hot Live!!』
Lately, Jejung has been learning the rhythms☆

After the rehearsals…
2009/06/20(Sat) 16:29 Negoya day 2
Changmin is getting a massage!

Dozing off…
2009/06/20(Sat) 17:50 Negoya day 2
The performance is going to start real soon!

The second live in Nagoya!
2009/06/20(Sat) 18:06 Negoya day 2
Let’s get high today too!!!

After the performance…
2009/06/20(Sat) 23:12 Negoya day 2
Recording the video for BeeTV Moolog!
Please be sure to check it out♪

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