YuChun’s script with furigana*!
(*The members can’t read Kanji well, so they need furigana to help them with Kanji reading)

Right after he came back to Japan, upon his wish, he practiced reading the script with the manager. Since he practiced so steadily, it seems like he has perfectly mastered his lines.

Today too, he’s been filming since the mornin~g!


I’ll do my best today~!

Even at 8am, YuChun looked this refreshing!!!!

Although he didn’t have enough sleep, he still screamed out with all his fighting spirit, “I’ll do our best today~!” ♪


During standby~!

Today, even though it was the first day of filming… he had running and running and running scenes (LOL).

After that, he did some light running to warm up!!


Dozing-off YuChun

After he finished half of the running scenes… he was dozing off….

Just now, he suddenly said passionately, “I want to go go watch Koshien**~~!!!”
(**Koshien is an annual nationwide high school baseball tournament and the largest scale amateur sport event in Japan)

Even though it was short, please rest well, YuChun.


Totally interested!!!

What YuChun was looking at and was deeply interested in was… a roofed pleasure boat ♪

YuChun asked, “What is a roofed pleasure boat?” and a staff member there explained, “You ride on the boat, sail down the river, and throw a party there!!” (LOL)

YuChun then had a shining bright look on his face and said, “I want to do it someday~~!!” and he got hyped up…☆


Ben~to ♪

It’s lunch time!!!

The weather was very good today so he had lunch outdoor at the terrace ♪ He said, “I’m feeling good~~!!”

YuChun-san was saying it with a lot of force!! Hey, YuChun, please be a bit more composed!! (LOL)


Raise hand!?

With a loud voice, he said, “Haiii!!!” and did a fantastic pose ☆

YuChun had very high tension~ (LOL).
I wonder what kind of election he was trying to run for?!


By the riverbank…

An extreme picture of a sad YuChun!!

This picture depicts very well YuChun who is very full of expression in the drama~♪


He finished half of it~!

He finished half of his filming schedule smoothly!

During his free time, I overheard his conversation with the producer… When he was asked, “YuChun, what kind of person do you aspire to become?”, he answered, “I want to become someone like Fukuyama Masaharu-san who is good at both signing and acting.” ☆

YuChun, you’ve already one step closer to your dream!!


In the middle of recording!

The highly praised XIAH junsu was in the middle of recording!

Not losing to YuChun who had been filming since the morning, JunSu was also doing his best


In his break between recordings…

JunSu was in the middle of writing lyrics!

Well then, what kind of wonderful lyrics would he be give us? Please look forward to it!!

Source: Tohomobile Staff Blog + linhkawaii
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }



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