April 4 2010 Max Matsuura Twitter Updates

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Whether they do solo activities or activities as a unit, I wish that Avex can be their management in Japan. I wonder if the Korean side will permit it……

Things that will be better if you know, things that won’t hurt you if you don’t know, one day, I wish to let all of you know…

There’s also the wonderful creator Lee Soo Man, so, surely some day…

April 15 2010 Max Matsuura Twitter Updates

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Wanting to say as much as you want is different to wanting to do as much as you want.

Q: President, thank you as always. However, please excuse me as I have one more thing to say… ChangMin is a man with discerning eyes. It’s a good thing ^^
A: I think so.

Please ask @yoshihiroseki questions related to Tohoshinki.

Q: So are the 3 not allowed to talk to the 2 too?
A: Yes.

We want to talk to the 2 of them.

Zettee… Makenee… (I definitely won’t lose)

Q: About the representative who knows more about the details, would he respond to us if we ask him?
A: The representative @yoshihiroseki might be too busy to answer you, but in order to become your favorite person, maybe he’ll try his best to.