April 15 2010 Max Matsuura Twitter Updates

100415 Max Matsuura’s Twitter Updates

Wanting to say as much as you want is different to wanting to do as much as you want.

Q: President, thank you as always. However, please excuse me as I have one more thing to say… ChangMin is a man with discerning eyes. It’s a good thing ^^
A: I think so.

Please ask @yoshihiroseki questions related to Tohoshinki.

Q: So are the 3 not allowed to talk to the 2 too?
A: Yes.

We want to talk to the 2 of them.

Zettee… Makenee… (I definitely won’t lose)

Q: About the representative who knows more about the details, would he respond to us if we ask him?
A: The representative @yoshihiroseki might be too busy to answer you, but in order to become your favorite person, maybe he’ll try his best to.


Q: Do you not want to be asked about Tohoshinki anymore? If so, although it’ll be lonely… it’s important that you can feel relieved now…
A: I didn’t mean that, it’s just that he knows more of the details than I do.

He’ll be the preventative instead of me.

Q: Good morning ^^ Please answer my question about them! Who is yoshihiroseki-san? ★
A: The person in charge of Tohoshinki.

Q: My heart seems to break… not to be able to see the 2 from now on. Is this an appropriate thing to ask you…
A: About Tohoshinki, please ask @yoshihiroseki rather than me.

Source: Max Matsuura’s Twitter
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