April 15 2010 Chiba Ryuuhei’s Twitter Updates

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My spirit is very high so I’ll say one more thing. This picture is really the last one. After this I’ll return to be the normal doragon0411. But it was very fun. I was happy. Thank you. However, as an old man in avex (a person with high authority), I’ll spill some information sometimes. It’s cold today so don’t catch a cold. Please take care of the 5 of them from now on too. Chiba Ryuuhei.


April 3 2010 Max Matsuura Twitter Updates

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I already did everything I could. In the end, the result is a bitter one. I will do my best to support their decision. If it is what they wish for, I believe that I should do everything I could within my limitation to support all of them who are already flying high. It doesn’t matter what my standpoint is, my feelings are no different from the sadness of every Tohoshinki’s fan.