[CLARIFICATION OF TRANS] Max Matsuura’s Twitter Update
“If we’re that bad of a company, I was told [Doesn’t say by who] that the artists in Avex would have already quit. Hmm. It’s kind of strange for me to say it myself, but.. I think we’re a good company. We’re just not good talkers. With this situation, the ones that are suffering most are…”

“We did as much as we could. But, for reasons we don’t know, they chose the others. With that choice, it was inevitable that this would happen. This was the only thing we could do with a anti-social company in the background. [I know this doesn’t make much sense. If you do understand, let me know…] Until the very end, we asked them to choose Avex. And even though we were rejected without an explanation, I still love those three.”

“We didn’t tell any lies that we should worry about being exposed in the future… That is all.” [He’s probably responding to people that asked why he’s not just telling the truth now.]

Credits: Aly4818@ DBSKnights



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