September 21 2010 Max Matsuura Twitter Updates

[TRANS] 100921 Max Matsuura’s Twitter Updates

articlesmasatomatsuura Without limiting certain companies, to try and sign contracts, there are companies that will say completely different things. To the end, that is the common opinion. RT @a_milky: @masatomatsuura You already knew the actual condition of C-jes, so why did you still sign on JYJ?><

There are a lot of things I want to say. However, I will stop now. Although I’m sorry that among the Tohoshinki fans, there are people who feel displeased (t/n: precise meaning of the word is discomfort) with me, but can’t you please unfollow me? But of course, this is the individual’s freedom.

masatomatsuura From now on, for me, even if there’s anything, I will definitely not speak ill about them.

masatomatsuura Everyone, anyone, you’ve had the experience where you date someone and they turned out to be the worst, right? At that time, when you find out, if you said that it is wrong to swiftly change courses, then in the inevitable future, it might become something worse. However, making the decision is difficult. For this matter, I’m just talking about a general opinion and has nothing to do with Tohoshinki.

The termination of the trio’s contracts does no good for the profit of sales and is a big blow to avex. However, as a socially responsible company listed on the stock exchange, this was the only choice we could make.

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