JYJ Magazine Due in January [VIDEO]

December 21, 2012 dongbanger.com 0


JYJ plans to release their first magazine Jan 2013 centered around JYJ content.

The JYJ, the name of the mag, will be focused around the first 1000 days since the three members became “JYJ” by standing up to their former agency and filing a lawsuit for unfair contract practices.

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Happy Birthday to Junsu!

December 15, 2012 dongbanger.com 0

junsujunho01 donbanger

Its Junsu’s and Junho’s birthday already?! Oh my god, sun! The adorable-and-sexy-at-the-same-damn-time, caramel-voiced SuSu and his fraternal twin brother Junho both turn 26 this year.


Junsu has won many awards for both his music and stage acting, often breaking ticket sales records when he appears.  Aside from being a performer, and like his fellow JYJ members, he is also a composer and lyricist.

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Junsu Xia Ballad & Musical Concert Set for Dec 29

December 14, 2012 dongbanger.com 0



December 29 marks the beginning of Junsu’s 3 concert event called ‘2012 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert’, complete with orchestral accompaniment.

The beautiful voiced singer is said to be putting the final touches on the show which will feature live performances of songs from his debut album Tarantallegra, songs from his award winning music performances,  and songs from the soundtracks of dramas he’s done and more.